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Accelerate FP&A Insights for
Smarter Decisions

Trust Kyvos to Stay Agile

Kyvos is the most preferred platform for financial planning & analytics. Our revolutionary cloud-native, AI-based smart aggregation technology helps make your FP&A function more agile, accurate, scalable and cost-effective. Enhance your company’s financial intelligence and turn the challenges of your dynamic business landscape into opportunities, without compromising on performance. Stay ahead with Kyvos!


AI-driven analytics for
leading global enterprises


Flexible, scalable and cost-effective high-speed analytics platform

Presenting Kyvos. The only product that merges OLAP capabilities with cloud benefits to transform financial analytics.


Meet your analytical goals with Kyvos

Cloud-Native Solution

Kyvos offers unmatched flexibility without compromising on performance.

  • Easily connects with cloud platform of your choice
  • Handles large amounts of data from multiple sources
  • Seamlessly integrates with any BI tool
  • Supports thousands of users simultaneously

Cost Advantage

Kyvos is the most cost-effective platform compared to other SQL data warehouses.

  • Handles pre-processed data on any scale
  • Takes full advantage of cloud computing capabilities using programming languages like SQL, MDX, and DAX
  • Extremely scalable and elastic, it automatically adjusts to on-demand workloads
  • Offers pay-as-you-use model


Access, Analyze & Decide by Yourself without relying heavily on IT or BI professionals.

  • Independently analyze and visualize data to gain actionable insights
  • Explore data and do complex calculations
  • Make customized reports
  • Create impressive and interactive dashboards

Easy Adoption

Seamless integration with existing tools & interfaces without relying heavily on IT or data professionals.

  • Adopting Kyvos doesn’t require extensive coding or data movement
  • Integrates with existing data sources with minimal efforts
  • Leverage existing skillsets, Kyvos has minimal training requirement
  • Scale your data analysis without disrupting existing infrastructure ensuring consistence performance


Advanced Hierarchies

Efficiently handle large amounts of data and complex hierarchies without the hassle of complex data modeling with Kyvos’ Advanced Hierarchies feature.

Kyvos offers a smooth drill-down and drill-up capabilities, allowing you to explore data at the most granular level effortlessly and make more informed decisions.

Weighted Rollups

Kyvos helps FP&A teams by enabling precise allocations and recharges for shared costs, enhancing accuracy and transparency in financial planning and analysis processes.

With Kyvos, you save time and effort by performing complex table calculations and ad hoc analysis with ease and confidence. Make more informed decisions for improved business outcomes.

Instant Adjustment Refresh

Kyvos’ revolutionary modern OLAP architecture processes any amount of incremental data or adjustment of data without a need to rebuild the data model.

Get a refreshed balance sheet in less than 30 seconds to check impact of change for any adjustment in your data set.

Excel Plug-in

With Kyvos Excelerate, you never have to leave Excel.

Perform complex calculations, slice and dice data, drill down into details, drill up at high level, create custom reports, and visualize data, all working within excel.

Experience the power of Kyvos’ advanced analytics, all while staying in your trusted Excel environment.

Kyvos’ solution to problems faced by FP&A teams

Check out how Kyvos effectively addresses FP&A challenges and enhances analytical capabilities.


Pain Point

Kyvos Solution

Data Integration Complexity

FP&A teams face issues in utilizing data from various sources, leading to inefficiencies in data collection and consolidation.
Kyvos’ robust platform allows users to collect data from multiple sources with ease. Its automated process reduces manual effort and errors.

Slow Analytics

Legacy tools take time to process large volumes of data leading to delays in generating reports and insights.
Kyvos enables FP&A teams to analyze large volumes of data at lightning speed. Quicker insights, timely decisions.

Lack of Self-Service

FP&A teams depend heavily on IT teams for reports and insights, hampering their agility and responsiveness.
Kyvos' self-serve feature enables FP&A users to independently explore data, perform ad hoc queries and generate insights, reducing dependence on the IT team.

Complex Modeling

FP&A teams must deal with multi-dimensional, hierarchical and complex data, making scenario analysis and modeling complex and time consuming.
Kyvos' features like advanced hierarchies & weighted roll-ups efficiently handle complex data and modeling requirements, saving time and efforts for FP&A teams.

Scalability Concerns

Legacy tools struggle to keep pace with ever increasing data volumes. Scaling up analytics becomes time-consuming and expensive.
Kyvos is built to handle large volumes of data easily. It provides elasticity to businesses to expand as the workload grows, making it an extremely reliable partner to FP&A teams.

Manual Reporting

Traditional & legacy tools require manual interventions for generating reports and insights, causing delays and inaccuracies.
Kyvos’ modern OLAP enables FP&A teams to generate reports effortlessly & instantly. It lets them access hidden insights by drilling down to the most granular levels of details.

Data Accuracy and Consistency

Maintaining accurate and consistent data from various sources is challenging, which impacts the reliability of analytics.
Kyvos Universal Semantic Layer provides a single source of truth for a 360-degree view across the business. No matter who you ask, get the same answer for every question.

Adapting to Change

Legacy tools have a steep learning curve and require specific skillsets to handle them.
Kyvos' user-friendly interface, low-code/no-code architecture is extremely easy to adopt. It integrates with existing tools and interfaces with minimal efforts. Leverage existing skill sets & infrastructure, without disrupting the performance.

Data Security

FP&A teams are extremely sensitive to the issue of data compliance and security.
Kyvos is SOC2 certified and ensures data security and compliance.


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