Kyvos and Snowflake

Interactive, Self-service Analytics with OLAP at Massive Scale

Simplify advanced analytics on your Snowflake cloud data platform by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on your data warehouse. Eliminate the challenges of big data analytics and enable your users to perform complex, multidimensional analytics on massive amounts of data on Snowflake using any BI tool they like.

Unmatched Performance

Query trillions of rows of data on Snowflake in sub-seconds


Build massively scalable OLAP cubes on hundreds of dimensions and measures


Solve complex business use cases without writing any code


Create live connections with any BI tool for instant analysis


Enable access to thousands of users without any impact on performance


Deep integration with Snowflake delivers unlimited scalability with high performance

Perform Interactive Analysis on your Snowflake Data

Enable interactive analytics on trillions of rows of data on Snowflake for users across your enterprise. With Kyvos, users can create interactive dashboards on their Snowflake data, without the need to write any code. They can visualize, explore, and analyze as much data on Snowflake as needed, across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and deep dive into the most granular details, all within seconds.

Accelerate Analytics with Smart OLAP on Snowflake

Using Kyvos with Snowflake, you can leverage the power of OLAP for multidimensional analytics on your columnar data model. Kyvos lets you build massively scalable OLAP cubes on top of your Snowflake data warehouse, which you can then connect to any BI tool or data science engine for visualization. Our Smart OLAP technology enables full aggregation at a scale that cannot be achieved with partial aggregation or in-memory solutions. As the cubes are pre-aggregated and materialized for speed, they perform incredibly.

Simplified, Self-serve Analytics Using any BI Tool

With Kyvos, users can interactively analyze their Snowflake data in any visualization tool of their choice using a SQL or MDX connection. As Kyvos cubes support both SQL and MDX, you can create live connections with tools like MS Excel or Tableau, for instant analysis. Kyvos supercharges the performance of your existing BI tools on massive data.

Solve Complex Business Use Cases with Ease and Speed

Kyvos builds a high-performing semantic layer on your Snowflake data warehouse that can handle any size or complexity of data, helping you model your data without the need to write complex code. Using an intuitive UI, you can define all metadata and multiple hierarchies in Kyvos. Users can then see these dimensions and measures in their BI tool, and drag and drop them into their charts and reports.

Scale-Out Analytics While Saving Money

Enable interactive access for thousands of concurrent users without incurring any additional costs. Once the cubes are built, users can query them limitlessly and get instant answers to as many questions as they need. Since Kyvos cubes serve the queries, there is no need to connect to the data warehouse every time the user asks a question. This helps save on compute costs while ensuring sub-second response times, even for higher concurrencies.


Kyvos for Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse: Interactive, Self-service Analytics with OLAP at Massive Scale

Datasheet BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Kyvos Datasheet: BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Kyvos bridges the gap between your BI tools and the data stored on Google Cloud, enabling users to access massive datasets seamlessly with sub-second responses. The separation of storage and compute layers enables easy scaling and ensures optimal utilization of your resources. Download our datasheet to learn how our OLAP solution delivers fast, cost-effective analytics on Google Cloud.

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