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Interactive, Self-Service Analytics with Smart OLAP™ at Massive Scale



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The picture shows two employees simplifying and accelerating advanced analytics on Snowflake by building Kyvos’ OLAP-based BI acceleration layer.

Snowflake is amongst the fastest growing cloud data warehouse that thousands of organizations are using. While these organizations are happy one desire most of them have professed is if they could do analytics on their data on Snowflake without worrying about the scale and at interactive speeds. Kyvos makes this possible.

You can simplify and accelerate advanced analytics on your Snowflake by building Kyvos’ OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on your cloud data warehouse. You can eliminate the challenges of big data analytics and enable your users to run complex, multidimensional queries on massive amounts of data on Snowflake using any BI tool they like.


Solve complex business use cases without writing any code. Perform multi-dimensional analytics on trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds on Snowflake.


Extend BI access for thousands of users. Fire as many queries as you need. And, all of this without exploding your compute costs, with our build-once-query-limitlessly architecture.


Our in-built MDX AND SQL connector creates live connections with your BI tool, simplifying and accelerating analytics for users across your enterprise.

High-Performance Interactive Analysis at Any Scale

Visualize, explore, and analyze as much data on Snowflake as needed, across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and deep dive into the most granular details, all within seconds. Allow your users to create interactive dashboards on their Snowflake data, without the need to write any code.

Smart OLAP™ on Snowflake

Build smart aggregates on your Snowflake data warehouse, and achieve interactive analysis on all your data. Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables aggregation on massive data and machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine brings the intelligence needed to build optimized aggregates on the cloud, helping you deal with your current and future data workloads.

Self-Service BI. Simplified.

Connect any visualization tool using a SQL or MDX connection. Kyvos supports both SQL and MDX, wherein you can create live connections with tools like MS Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and more, for instant analysis. Kyvos supercharges the performance of your existing BI tools on massive data.


Elastic BI for Reduced Querying Costs

Save on compute costs while ensuring sub-second response times, even for higher concurrencies. Once the aggregates are built, you can query them limitlessly and get instant answers to as many questions as you need.

Solve Complex Business Use Cases

Define all metadata, calculated measures and complex hierarchies in our Universal semantic layer and model complex business requirements with an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI. Handle any size or complexity of data without the need to write complex code.


Kyvos for Snowflake cloud data warehouse: Interactive, self-service analytics with OLAP at massive scale

Datasheet BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Kyvos Datasheet: BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Kyvos bridges the gap between your BI tools and Snowflake data warehouse, enabling users to access massive datasets seamlessly with sub-second responses on any cloud. The separation of storage and compute layers enables easy scaling and ensures optimal utilization of your resources. Download our datasheet to learn how our OLAP solution delivers fast, cost-effective analytics on Snowflake.


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