Kyvos for Google Cloud Platform

Accelerating Analytics on Trillions of Rows with Cloud-Ready, Smart OLAP™





Cost Savings


Enable self-service, interactive analytics on your Google Cloud Platform by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on the cloud. Eliminate the limitations of traditional BI architectures and achieve high-performance, multi-dimensional analytics on the cloud using a BI tool of your choice.


Analyze as much data as you want, across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and get instant answers to all your business questions. Allow thousands of concurrent users to fire unlimited queries and transform data consumption across your enterprise.


Ask, dig in, verify, and repeat. Go as deep as you want. Our build-once-query-limitlessly approach helps you reduce querying costs without compromising on BI performance. You can reduce costs further with our scheduled autoscaling feature.


Use any BI tool you like or continue using the one you have. Enjoy sub-second dashboard refreshes. Make faster and more accurate business decisions with interactive analytics on all your data.

Unlimited Scale with Unmatched Performance

Scale your BI limitlessly for any number of users or any size data. Kyvos provides instant responses irrespective of the size, granularity, or the scale of your data. You can analyze years of data in seconds and slice and dice, drill down, and roll up across hundreds of dimensions and measures.

Smart OLAP™ on Google Cloud

Our Smart OLAP™ technology aggregates trillions of data points, helping you perform multi-dimensional analytics at a scale that was impossible before. With Kyvos, you can build OLAP cubes on your BigQuery data warehouse or directly on your Google cloud storage. Kyvos leverages Google DataProc and Compute Engines for building cubes and stores and caches them on persistent storage for faster access.

Supercharge your Existing BI Tools

Power your existing BI tools for big data analytics on Google Cloud, with much higher performance. Kyvos supports all major BI tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, Power BI, Qlik, and Spotfire, as well as analytics tools like R and Python.

Save Costs with Autoscaling

Scale analytics up and down without disruption to optimize your BI costs. Depending upon the load, you can schedule your querying capacity to scale up automatically to deal with peak loads, and then release resources at pre-set times to cut down costs.

Secure Access to Cloud Data

Enterprise-class data security at multiple levels, including row and column level security, ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see. With no data movement, Kyvos maintains the native data security layer through the cubes at the storage layer itself.


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