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Retail Analytics

Analyze all the data generated from retail operations and deliver game-changing insights to
improve efficiency and drive profitability.

Retail Analytics

Trillions of Transactions

Uncover insights from all your data and be at an advantageous position by predicting business and consumer needs.

Sophisticated Analysis

Deliver integrated view of business trends by analyzing varied data sets (customer, store, financial, inventory, product and call center.

Year-over-Year Comparison

Better understand your customers’ needs, optimize inventory and reduce costs with deep insights from years of data.

Instant Insights

Stay ahead of customer demands with instant and near real time insights on all your data.

Supercharge Your Customer Data to Power Personalized Marketing

In this day and age, customers expect personalization. Explore how you can increase sales while driving customer satisfaction with Kyvos.

Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Analyze sales, marketing, and customer service across channels. Deliver seamless experience to customers.

Personalizing Customer Experiences

Give customers what they need by analyzing their past transactions. Predict what they would need in future.


Forecasting Demand

Customize product recommendations according to weather, festivals and other occasions that drive a change in buying behavior.

Cost Optimization

Detailed analysis on demand prediction saves costs on access inventory. Targeting right customers reduces marketing spend and increases conversion.

Our Story

Delivering Retail Analytics at Massive Scale

Explore how you can interact with all your retail data, across all channels and any time period or geography with smart retail analytics solution.



Case Study

Material Forecasting on 650x More Data at Global Sports Brand


Case Study

Retail Chain Transforms Customer Experiences with BI Acceleration


Case Study

E-waste Recycler Transforms Operations by Analyzing 4 years of Kiosk Data



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