Kyvos for Amazon Web Services

Bringing the Power of OLAP to AWS for Instant BI on Trillions of Rows

Kyvos builds an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer on AWS that helps you analyze trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds to get deeper insights into your business. Our modern architecture with built-in elasticity leverages Amazon EMR and S3 to build and store cubes, delivering unmatched BI performance on your big data workloads.

Limitless Exploration

Analyze as much data as needed, across hundreds of dimensions and measures

Unmatched Performance

Query trillions of rows of data on Amazon S3 in sub-seconds

Seamless Autoscaling

Quickly scale your analytics up and down based upon the expected loads

Use any BI Tool

Power your existing BI Tools for high performance on AWS workloads

Enterprise-grade Security

Secure BI with no need to move data out of your S3 cluster

High Concurrency

Enable access to thousands of users without any impact on performance


Smart OLAP on AWS

Kyvos brings the power of multidimensional analytics to AWS through its Smart OLAP technology. Advanced algorithms enable aggregation at a scale that is not possible to achieve using any other OLAP solution. Our modern architecture with built-in elasticity leverages Amazon EMR and S3 to build and store cubes, delivering unmatched BI performance on your AWS workloads while saving costs on the cloud.

Next-Generation OLAP on the Cloud

Interactive BI at Massive Scale

BI Acceleration at Massive Scale

Our BI acceleration layer enables quick consumption of massive data for users across your enterprise. Users can create summary reports on years of enterprise data or deep dive into the most granular details, all within seconds. You can define all your metadata and business rules in one place, creating a unified view of all your data.

Supercharge your Existing BI Tools

Power your existing BI tools for big data analytics on AWS. Kyvos delivers high performance for all major BI tools, including Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Qlik, Spotfire, and Tableau, as well as for analytics tools like R and Python.

Integrates with BI and Data Science Tools

Autoscaling Saves Costs

Save Costs with Autoscaling

Scale analytics up and down without disruption to achieve consistent performance during spikes and shrink costs during lean periods. Depending upon the load, you can schedule your querying capacity to scale up automatically to deal with peak loads, and then scale in to release AWS resources when they are not needed.

Secure Access to Cloud Data

Enterprise-class data security at multiple levels, including row and column level security, ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see. With no data movement, Kyvos maintains the native data security layer through the cubes at the storage layer itself. The Kyvos cubes are stored on S3 and cached on shared storage on AWS for faster access.

Secure Access to Cloud Data


Kyvos offers a radically better way to do analytics on the cloud by leveraging the native elasticity and scalability of the AWS platform. It integrates deeply with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver instant, cost-effective analytics on data at a massive scale. Download the solution brief to learn more about the integration.



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Kyvos bridges the gap between your BI tools and the data stored on AWS, enabling users to access extremely large datasets seamlessly with interactive response times. The separation of storage and compute layers enables easy scaling and ensures optimal utilization of resources.

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