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Solution Brief

SSAS Migration Playbook

A Modern OLAP Solution for Unprecedented Scale & Speed

SSAS OLAP offers a powerful way to aggregate enterprise data and enables interactive analysis. However, there are limitations on the volume of data it can handle, and the legacy solution does not even have a cloud offering. With increasing data sizes, volume and number of users, SSAS experiences performance degradation when processing data models, making it unsuitable for a modern data environment built for speed and scale. Businesses need a Microsoft SSAS alternative that can overcome these challenges while delivering excellent performance at minimal costs.

Amid the increasing wave of migrations from legacy OLAP tools, brought on by their limitations to scale horizontally, Kyvos has emerged as a market leader in delivering high-speed data analytics via seamless transfer of workloads from SSAS to a modernized platform. Our platform eliminates the limitations of this tool, helping organizations build aggregates on any data size while delivering high performance.

Download our solution brief to learn why Kyvos is your perfect SSAS cube alternative and how our AI-powered smart aggregation technology will help you:

  • Build data models on billions of rows
  • Enable quick aggregations with a scalable architecture
  • Leverage the cloud’s native elasticity & cost-effective storage

Read our Solution Brief

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