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Kyvos for Excel

Improve Excel Performance on Trillions of Rows


Excel users across the enterprise can now instantly access trillions of rows of data and drill down to lowest level of details with Kyvos.

Sub-Second Querying

Faster and deeper insights with sub-second responses to both cold and warm queries.


Massively Scalable

Scale your analytics to trillions of rows. You can now drill down or roll up instantly.


Self-Service BI

Define all your metadata and business logic in one place and enable business teams to build their own reports and dashboards.

Kyvos transforms your Excel experience forever

Live Connection to Your Data

Kyvos is like ‘Pivot on Steroids’. Access all your cloud data instantly and interactively on Excel pivot tables and charts. Additionally, our automated incremental data refreshes speeds up data processing and delivers near real-time insights.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis at Scale

Excel users can instantly access trillions of rows and drill down to the lowest level of details with Kyvos. Analyze complex hierarchical schemas, calculated members, many-to-many relationships, semi-additive measures, multiple fact tables and custom roll-ups.

No-Code Data Modeling

You can build optimized data models and complex calculations in Kyvos using our intuitive and visual interface.

Analyze More Data
Faster Query Performance
The Difference

Boost Excel performance faster than ever before

Enterprise Architecture

Kyvos Architecture for Excel

Technical Details

Smart Pre-Aggregation for Excel

Kyvos supercharges your Excel into an analytical powerhouse with its patented Smart Pre-Aggregation technology. Kyvos gives you live access to your cloud data lake or bigdata platform, enabling you to perform multidimensional analysis directly from Excel at a speed you never imagined. You can query trillions of rows of data on your pivot tables and charts will update in sub-seconds.


Universal Semantic Layer

With Kyvos’ Universal Semantic Layer you can define all your metadata and business logic in one place eliminating the need to create complex formulas and functions for different users, tools, and reports. This enables users across your enterprise to access the same source of truth and perform self-service analytics with no IT dependency.

Support for All Modern Data Platforms

Use Excel for enterprise-wide analytics without worrying about the underlying data layer. Kyvos creates a live connection between Excel and your data platform with its in-built MDX connector, making it extremely easy for users to perform analytics on any cloud or Hadoop platform. It offers native support for all cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform as well as the latest releases of Cloudera. You can also connect to cloud data warehouses, such as Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks, Teradata, Oracle RDS, and Hive.


High-Grade Data Security

Kyvos follows a native three-tiered security architecture that ensures security at multiple levels. You can grant selective access at row and column level and also activate role-based access. This lets you be in charge of what your users are authorized to access. Kyvos also integrates seamlessly with single sign-on models such as Okta, SiteMinder, and the Windows Authentication Service, to ensure security along with ease of access.

High Performance on Every Data Platform




Supercharging Excel for High-Speed Financial Analytics


Case Study

OLAP Modernization at Global Investment Bank 



Achieve Interactive Analysis with Excel on Trillions of Rows

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