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Make Cloud Business Intelligence the Brain Behind your Business Decisions

By July 30, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Make your Cloud Business Intelligence the brain behind your business decisions with Kyvos

Moving data workloads to the cloud is changing the way businesses manage and interact with their IT resources. Cloud not only enables users to access their data and services from anywhere and anytime, but it also helps in offloading costly infrastructure and data management overheads. The promise of cloud includes scalability, elasticity, high availability, cost optimization, and more, and many organizations have started migrating their data workloads to the Cloud. As per a recent BI on Big Data Adoption survey by Kyvos, 54% companies are expected to fully move their Big Data infrastructure to cloud over the next 3 years.

But, does moving to the cloud solve all your data challenges? What happens if your data is waiting-to-be-used but not being consumed in its entirety? From the business point of view, having the data is of no use unless it supports decision-making at all levels.

Assess your Cloud Business Intelligence

One of the key BI challenges faced by organizations apart from the timely availability of data is the capability to analyze massive volumes of data instantly and interactively. As your data grows, what you need is a truly scalable cloud business intelligence solution that can provide instant access to all the data that you are collecting and storing. It should enable the business users to explore, examine, slice and dice, and drill-down into huge reservoirs of data, providing quick answers to all the questions that they have. Not only that, but it should also be able to scale up and meet the organization’s growing analytical expectations.

The shift to cloud and cloud-based services is already happening. Today, there are several cloud BI and analytics companies that offer tools that appear to solve many of these challenges.

Now, does that mean that you should shelve all your existing BI and analytic tools and start all over again, asking your business users to migrate to new technology or tool?

Well, here’s good news! You don’t have to do that.

You can take your cloud BI to the next level with minimal disruption to your existing analytical, security, and data storage environment.

Create a seamless architecture for Cloud Analytics

Kyvos Insights has built a disruptive solution that creates a seamless architecture for analytics on the cloud, enabling your existing tools to deliver self-service, interactive business intelligence on massive volumes of data. The unique solution bridges the gap between the BI tools and your data by forming a “BI acceleration layer” on your cloud platform.

Kyvos pre-aggregates data into multidimensional cubes using the compute and storage capacity of the cloud platform. These cubes provide instant responses to queries from your BI tools, enabling them to access extremely large datasets on the cloud seamlessly. Since there is no data movement, it saves you from the trouble of sending complex, high-volume data over the network. The business users can continue to use their existing BI tools to conduct self-service, interactive analysis on their cloud data and use the insights to power their business decisions.

Watch our Webinar

If you want to learn more on how you can make your cloud BI the brain behind your business decisions, watch our webinar “How to Achieve Self-Service BI on the Cloud at Massive scale.”

In this webinar, our speakers, Andrew Brust, Analyst – Gigaom Research, and Ajay Anand, VP of Products & Marketing – Kyvos Insights, talk about how you can transform your business with instant BI on the cloud.

Watch Webinar

To get more information about our Cloud BI solutions and see how they fit into your existing environment, request a demo now.

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