Case Study

E-waste Recycler Transforms Operations
by Analyzing 4 years of Kiosk Data

A leading e-waste recycling company wanted to improve business efficiency and fuel growth by deep diving into its kiosk transaction data collected over the last four years. The insights from this historical data were key to several important managerial decisions like the location for the next kiosk set-up, ways to reduce user wait times, negotiation of quotations, etc.

They built a BI architecture on top of AWS with Snowflake and Tableau. However, they were facing several analytical challenges on their Snowflake platform. An attempt to analyze multiple years of data on Snowflake resulted in significantly reduced query performance. Moreover, the volatility of querying costs resulted in skyrocketed bill amounts.

Download this case study to learn how Kyvos enabled them to:

  • Achieve OLAP on AWS with Snowflake as the data source
  • Perform faster and more cost-effective analytics on the cloud vs. running queries directly on Snowflake
  • Deliver¬†5-second response time for ad hoc queries
  • Conduct interactive analytics on four years of data with the capability to extend it to ten years to meet future requirements
  • Generate accurate predictions on daily¬†and¬†monthly payouts for better decision making

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