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Case Study

Helping Merative Scale into a Modern Analytical Platform of Choice

Merative product leadership wants to build upon their market leadership for their flagship analytics offering, Health Insights, while enhancing the solution with the key product features that were on customers’ wish lists for the past few years. The main goal was to make Health Insights a cloud-native analytical platform that could scale out to seamlessly process and analyze massive amounts of healthcare data.

With Kyvos, the teams at Merative will be able to build a next-gen platform of choice for healthcare organizations looking to improve decision-making through fast, accurate analytics founded on a single source of truth.

Download this case study to learn how they will:

  • Integrate their analytics and ad hoc reporting into one seamless, modern and simple user experience.
  • Create a single source of truth that will provide accurate, consistent answers to every user.
  • Reduce query response time and deliver high-performance analytics even with hundreds of concurrent users.
  • Ensure all security requirements comply with industry protocols and standards, such as HIPAA.

Read our Case Study

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