Case Study

Material Forecasting on 650x More Data at a Global Sports Brand

A leading apparel and footwear brand wanted to fine-tune material forecasting based on consumer demand patterns. As they launched apparel or shoes for the new season, material planners needed accurate estimates on which materials to buy and how much to order.

They wanted to understand seasonal demands by analyzing historical purchase data. However, their BI architecture did not allow them to analyze more than 18 weeks of data. They were hitting the limits of AAS regarding the amount of processing that could be done.

Kyvos helped them eliminate inefficiencies in their BI architecture and conduct interactive analytics on two years of history. Download this case study to learn how Kyvos enables:

  • Year-over-year analysis on 2-years of purchase data
  • Material forecasting to the color-size level details
  • A deeper understanding of seasonal patterns
  • Operational efficiency through better planning

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