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Case Study

Democratizing BI Access at
a Pharmacy Chain

Since suppliers were vital in ensuring that their inventory reached the stores in time, the pharmacy store chain wanted to build a BI platform that would enable their vendors to monitor their performance and measure up to the KPIs, set for them.

However, with more than 20,000 national and international suppliers, there was no way to provide secure, self-service access to massive volumes of supply chain data for users outside their organization.

This case study highlights how they use Kyvos to automate the reporting process and provide suppliers with controlled access to their data, helping them analyze their performance regularly and drill down to item and store level granular details.

Download this case study to learn how Kyvos ensured:

  • Secure data lake access to external users
  • Row-level security so that suppliers could see only their data
  • Sub-second response times even for thousands of concurrent users

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