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Three ways in which Kyvos helps
reduce BI costs on Snowflake

In a world where businesses succeed on data-driven insights, you can’t control the inflow of data. Hence most businesses are moving their data workloads to cloud data warehouses like Snowflake. Snowflake is an industry leader in making massive data easy to ingest and offers relational, scale-out capabilities that help derive value from fast-growing data. However, with the volume and velocity at which their data is landing, businesses find it expensive to analyze all this data for instant insights and use it for competitive advantage. Optimizing BI costs has become crucial.

By adding Kyvos in your architecture, you can reduce querying costs on Snowflake. Kyvos BI Acceleration platform compliments Snowflake by letting you analyze billions of rows in sub-seconds without cost explosion.

Download the Ebook to learn how Kyvos works with Snowflake to:

  • Deliver instant and cost-effective BI on the cloud
  • Supercharge BI tools to analyze massive data in seconds
  • Optimize cloud resource utilization by reducing compute costs
  • Scale for thousands of users without impacting BI performance

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