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Kyvos Commitment to Accessibility

Kyvos is fully committed to the inclusion of its customers and users with disabilities. Accordingly, we are taking steps to help ensure that the Kyvos application Web portal, and our customers’ experiences, adhere to WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards.

Kyvos undertakes continuous reviews and audits of our applications for accessibility. We use a dual approach to testing: skilled accessibility testers coupled with accessibility testing tools.

Current State

Our goal is to make the latest version of Kyvos Web portal content and consumption experiences WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessible, while the remaining WCAG 2.1 AA enhancements gets completed in the future releases.

Starting with the Kyvos 2021.3 release, we have been executing a plan that helps prioritize workflows and capabilities intended to consume information from the Kyvos Web portal. With the recent and planned improvements, the Kyvos Web portal, its content, and the overall functionality can be configured to be significantly more accessible to users of various abilities than in previous versions. Therefore, we highly recommend our customers upgrade to the latest version of Kyvos in order to receive the benefits of these updates.

We have established best practices for web application accessibility across our development teams, which include, but are not limited to, providing alternative text for images, header labels to tables and grids, labeled form fields, natural tab order, color usage, and clear color contrast, among other critical accessibility considerations. These best practices help ensure screen-readers, the ability to navigate information with only a keyboard, good color contrast, and overall information visibility.

Recent Accessibility Improvements

Consistent with our commitment to accessibility, the following accessibility improvements and functionalities have been released recently:

Kyvos 2022.3

  • 1. Non-text Content: All non-text content that includes active images (image links), area maps, informative images, complex charts and graphs, CSS images, decorative images, input image controls, CAPTCHA, audio, and video content now have text alternatives.
  • 2. Meaningful Sequences: This aims to ensure that the order of the information and content on the web page is clear for all users. Elements appear in logical reading order in code so that they are presented in a meaningful order to screen reader users.
  • 3. Sensory Characteristics: Instructions provided for understanding and operating content should not rely solely on sensory characteristics of components such as shape, color, size, visual location, orientation, or sound. Legend icons now come with more than one characteristic, like shape, color, and text, to provide a clear understanding.
  • 4. Identify Input Purpose: Users can understand all the input type meanings by assistive devices. All users, but particularly those with cognitive impairments, benefit from programmatically determinable input fields. These allow assistive technologies to understand the purpose of fields and present them in a preferred format to the user.
  • 5. Text Spacing : Line height, spacing between the paragraphs, letter spacing, and word spacing are all now set according to web accessibility standards.
  • 6. Content on Hover or Focus : Users can now interact with Tooltip using keyboard navigation.
  • 7. Error Identification : If an input error is automatically detected, the item that has an error is identified, and the error is described to the user in the form of text.
  • 8. Color Contrast Accessibility as per WCAG guidelines : The Dark Gary theme in the Kyvos portal is color accessible. Color contrast ratios are also updated according to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.
  • 9. Viewer enhancements:
    • 9.1 Workbook Section: Users can interact and perform different operations on the workbook header using the keyboard. All context menus and dialogs related to them are also accessible using the keyboard.
    • 9.2 Worksheet Section:
      • Worksheet Header: All the worksheet header elements, context menus, and dialogs are accessible using the keyboard.
      • Dimensions and Measure Panel: Users can interact and perform different operations on the dimensions and measures panel in the worksheet using the keyboard. Drag-drop functionality, such as adding dimensions and measures on shelves, is also accessible by keyboard. Users can achieve results of drag-drop by using the keyboard only through the context menu option.
      • Change Viz Panel: Users can change the visualization using the keyboard.
      • Shelves: Users can perform various shelf operations using keyboard.
      • Filters: Users can perform different operations on the filter panel, including adding, updating, or removing the existing filter,s and also can interact with dimension, measure, and contextual topN filters operations through a keyboard. This also covers the list by condition filters (cohort filter).
      • Properties Panel: Users can change or interact with different properties of all the visualization through a keyboard.
    • 9.3 Dashboard Section:
      • Dashboard Header: All elements, context menus, and dialogs of the dashboard header are accessible to users using a keyboard.
      • Dashboard Widget Title: Users can interact with and perform different operations on widget headers and their context menu using a keyboard.
    • 9.4 Section Navigation:The worksheet designer screen has section navigation to jump quickly from one area to another using a keyboard.
      • Sections in the worksheet: Change cube panel, shelves, visualization rendering area, filter panel, and properties panel.

For further details, please visit Kyvos Documentation here.

Kyvos 2022.2

  • 1. Keyboard navigation support is modified and following use-cases of Kyvos Web portal are now accessible using a keyboard:
    • 1.1. Home Page including application header
    • 1.2. Quick Data Modeling
    • 1.3. Import Objects
    • 1.4. Export Objects
    • 1.5. Export Cube Metadata
    • 1.6. Activity Monitor (all the tabs)
    • 1.7. Register Files including Preview
    • 1.8. Relationships Designer
    • 1.9. Cube Designer including build

For further details, please visit Kyvos Documentation here.

Moreover, a comprehensive roadmap of continuous improvements is in place with the goal of making our current accessibility features more robust and intuitive.

Kyvos 2022.1

  • 1. All the modules of the Setup are now accessible through keyboard navigation, including:
    • 1.1. List and tree components
    • 1.2. All the buttons, such as text buttons, links, primary and secondary buttons
    • 1.3. All the form controls and custom controls
    • 1.4. Context menu and popover menu
    • 1.5. Disabled items are handled through a disabled cursor
  • 2. The default theme of the Kyvos web portal is now web-accessible.
  • 3. Some of the Kyvos chart color palettes are now web-accessible.

Kyvos 2021.3

  • 1. All non-text content presented to the users comes with text alternatives that serve the equivalent purpose.
  • 2. Information, structure, and relationship updated for “screen reader” readiness.
  • 3. Content is distinguishable by color contrast.
  • 4. New button style for all action buttons to make them simple, understandable, consistent, and distinguishable.
  • 5. Kyvos web application navigation panel is accessible using Keyboard, where:
    • 5.1. Tab key can be used to traverse and focus across the use-case mini variant menu, search, action icon, and entity lists.
    • 5.2. The up and down key can be used to focus on list items within a panel.
    • 5.3. Enter key can be used to select the focused item (selected item).


In view of the above, we highly recommend our customers upgrade to the latest version of the Kyvos application for accessing the above-mentioned features, benefits, and better user experiences.

Kyvos welcomes feedback from our users/customers on the accessibility of our products. Should you have any questions about accessibility in respect of functionalities detailed hereinabove or have any suggestions on how we can improve, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Support here.

*Last Updated: September 30, 2022

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