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Advanced Financial Analytics on Excel with Kyvos

Kyvos is a GenAI-powered semantic layer that supercharges Excel performance, delivering sub-second responses, even across billions of rows and thousands of dimensions. Analysts can also use Kyvos’ purpose-built Excel Plug-in to perform more advanced analytics on extremely large or complex datasets.

With Kyvos and Excel, you can access finance-focused visualizations with interactive charts. You have full control over layout and formatting, enabling flexible exploration through billions of records, with the ability to slice and dice as needed. The Kyvos semantic layer also helps standardize analysis across the organization, providing a consistent, trusted view across LOBs and reporting orgs.

Join our live demo on Tuesday, April 16 at 10 AM PT to see how you can use Kyvos to: :

  • See instant results on massive data
  • Enable self-serve reporting and ad-hoc querying for business users
  • Extend Excel in a data-connected, no-code model
  • Explore data through interactive, drillable charts
  • Build and work with pre-defined financial reporting templates

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