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Modernize Legacy OLAP for Instant BI
on the Cloud

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow query responses to your business-critical queries. With growing data volumes, traditional OLAP tools like SSAS, TM1, and Essbase face speed and scale limitations and don’t even work on the cloud.

Kyvos’ next-generation OLAP technology enables you to build a single cube on billions of rows across 100s of dimensions and measures, be it on the cloud or Hadoop data lake. You can now achieve interactive multidimensional analysis and drill to transaction-level details in sub-seconds.

Our cloud-native Smart OLAP™ technology leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms to build massively scalable OLAP cubes that deliver unmatched performance. There is no query latency as all the combinations are processed in advance, and users get quick answers to their business questions on any BI tool of their choice.

Watch our Live Demo session to learn how Kyvos complements cloud platforms and warehouses and helps you modernize legacy OLAP to keep up with your enterprise analytics needs.

  • Automated utility for seamless cube structure migration
  • Advanced data modeling capabilities to simplify complex business use cases
  • Intelligent aggregation based on the query patterns for optimizing designs
  • Support for all BI and data science tools


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