The Importance of Cloud Semantic Layer for Your Enterprise

Growing data volumes and increasingly complex calculations have made business analysis very exhausting. To add to the trouble, different business units are working with their data silos, BI teams are burdened with multiple urgent requests, and there is no single source of truth.

Kyvos’ semantic layer organizes your data and simplifies its’ consumption. The curated semantic layer always provides 100% accurate answers to any question. Data is organized into folders and hierarchies. Each hierarchy level represents an organized view of data granularity levels. Users also only query a single object, so there’s no need to join tables.

Watch our Live Demo session to explore how Kyvos’ cloud semantic layer can help you:

  • Build smart aggregates on billions of rows
  • Drive data democratization with self-service BI
  • Instantly analyze billions of rows on any BI tool
  • Automate incremental data refreshes