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Migrate your SSAS Cubes to the Cloud and Scale Your Business Intelligence

Data is growing by the day and SSAS cannot keep up with it. While SSAS works well for smaller datasets, it fails to deliver query performance as data crosses billions of rows.

We are solving this challenge for organizations with our Smart OLAP™ technology and enabling them to build massively scalable and highly performant OLAP cubes. Using Kyvos, business users and analysts can interactively slice and dice billions of rows in sub-seconds, that too on any BI tool of their choice.

Kyvos’ automated migration utility also enables easy migration of your SSAS cube schemas to the Cloud.

Watch our Live Demo session to see how you can:

  • Seamlessly migrate your SSAS cubes to Smart OLAP™ cubes
  • Instantly analyze massive data on the cloud
  • Deliver high performance to 1000s of users
  • Achieve distinct count and cardinality of billions

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