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Guided Data to Analysis Pipeline

Quick Data Modeling with Kyvos

01. Intelligent Modeling

Design intelligent OLAP models with Kyvos wizard-based, data modeling interface. Kyvos automatically recommends models based on your data semantics.

02. Quick Start

Eliminate data modeling complexity and get started right away. Kyvos reduces your data engineering efforts and creates data-to-analysis pipeline in minutes with its intuitive UI.

03. Fine-tune as You Go

Build and test data models to improve your query SLAs. Our Smart Recommendation Engine™ further optimizes your OLAP models based on your query patterns.

Why Kyvos

Simplify and accelerate business intelligence across your enterprise whether you data in on cloud platforms, cloud data warehouses or on-premise data lakes. Allow thousands of users to analyze trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds.

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Why Quick Data Modeling

A wizard-based interface allows you to select your connection and data to register, and then Kyvos automatically builds the cube design, thereby eliminating the effort and time needed to design the OLAP model.

Data modeling made easy

Remove Data Engineering Efforts

Workflow-driven interface minimizes bootstrapping work and takes charge of everything, from identifying the facts and measures to recommending an OLAP design. Whether you are an OLAP expert or a beginner, you will be able to build your analytical workflow in a few simple steps.

Smart OLAP™. Intelligent Designs.

Revolutionary OLAP technology builds smart OLAP models that deliver instant insights on billions of rows. Kyvos auto-detects relationships, auto-validates all objects in one go, and builds intelligent models based on your data profile.

Intuitive Interface.

Intelligent recommendation and guidance on each step helps you optimize your design further. Easy-to-use, visual interface simplifies the entire process and helps you get started quickly.




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