Solution Brief

A Modern OLAP Solution for High-Speed Analytics at Scale

When legacy OLAP solutions are brought into the world of data lakes and modern data platforms, they struggle to deliver high-performant analytics, particularly on the cloud. These tools aren’t built to handle the massive increase in data volumes, hundreds of cardinalities and dimensions, thousands of concurrent users and variety of sources.

Kyvos resolves such challenges with an innovative AI-powered smart aggregation technology that can deal with growing data volumes and scale effortlessly. Our advanced algorithms leverage the computing capacity of the cloud to build highly optimized OLAP-based data models.

Download this solution brief to learn how Kyvos modernizes OLAP to:

  • Deliver sub-second responses on billions of rows with inbuilt scalability
  • Enable multidimensional analytics with a simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Ensure unified data views powered by a universal semantic layer
  • Optimize cloud costs with auto-scaling and price-performant querying

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