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Solution Brief

Accelerate Analytics on Databricks with Kyvos

Data Lakehouse is the perfect cloud platform that can store and process all sizes and types of data – historical and streaming. But with a rapid increase in data volumes and rising costs of cloud analytics, businesses are left with no choice but to compromise on the scale and performance or bear significant cost implications.

In a world where data is the biggest asset, businesses must have an analytics architecture designed to handle scale and deliver performance on any cloud platform.

Together Kyvos and Databricks can eliminate all the analytical challenges and help build a self-service analytical environment that enables sub-second query responses on cloud-scale data.

Analysts and data scientists can run multidimensional queries on massive amounts of data, with high concurrency, using the analytics or data science tool of their choice, all this while reducing compute time & costs as well as ensuring data governance with support for Unity Catalog.

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos on Databricks delivers instant and cost-effective analytics on the cloud.

In this solution brief, you will learn how to: :

  • Scale your cloud BI capabilities
  • Analyze billions of rows on Databricks in sub-seconds – now with Databricks Photon acceleration
  • Optimize resource utilization and reduce querying costs, including support for push down queries on Databricks SQL warehouse
  • Scale for thousands of users without compromising on performance

Read our Solution Brief

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