Solution Brief

Analyze Massive Data Directly
from Microsoft Excel

MS Excel has been the go-to tool for analytics and insights for decades. As data volumes explode, all the enterprise data is moving to the cloud, making it challenging for businesses to use Excel for analytics. Neither can Excel scale to accommodate the massive amount of data on the cloud nor does it have the capability to support hundreds of metrics required for the complex modern-day analytics.

Kyvos’ revolutionary Smart OLAP™ technology helps businesses to transform their traditional Excel into a heavy-duty BI tool, enabling multidimensional analytics on massive volumes of data on any modern data platform and achieving exceptionally high performance.

Download our solution brief to learn how you can use Kyvos to:

  • Create a live connection between Excel and any data platform of your choice
  • Scale limitlessly and query trillions of rows of data
  • Perform interactive analytics in sub-seconds
  • Drill down to the lowest levels of detail
  • Carry out advanced data modeling, seamlessly

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