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Accelerate Multidimensional Analytics on Google BigQuery

With the massive amounts of data getting collated from disparate sources, organizations are choosing Google BigQuery as it is a highly scalable cloud-based platform that supports fast querying and has serverless and autoscaling functionality. However, when business users and analysts use their existing Business Intelligence tools to perform multidimensional analytics on the billion-scale dataset using Google BigQuery, response times are typically slow. They fail to achieve self-service, interactive analytics on billions of rows with thousands of users.

Kyvos eliminates these challenges and enables you to perform multidimensional analytics on a massive dataset by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer on the cloud. It leverages the native elasticity of GCP to perform interactive analytics on massive data.

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos works with Google BigQuery to deliver instant BI on the cloud.

  • Scale your BI limitlessly
  • Analyze massive data in seconds
  • Cost-Effective BI
  • Use your existing BI tools for cloud analytics
  • Perform ad hoc analysis on massive data

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