Solution Brief

Kyvos for AWS: Instant Insights on
Trillions of Rows of Data on the Cloud

Moving your data workloads to AWS helps you scale your storage limitlessly and offer analytical capabilities to users on an anytime, anywhere basis. However, when business users and analysts connect to massive data on the cloud using their existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools, response times are typically slow. As a result, they face limitations on the amount of data that can be processed.

Kyvos solves this problem by helping you analyze trillions of data points on AWS in sub-seconds with its Smart OLAP™ on the cloud technology. It leverages the AWS platform to enable instant, elastic, and cost-effective analytics on the cloud on data at any scale.

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos works with AWS to deliver instant BI on the Cloud.

In this solution brief, you will learn how to:

  • Instantly analyze massive volumes of data on AWS
  • Use your existing BI tools for cloud analytics with high performance
  • Quickly scale up and down to deal with varying loads
  • Save costs with elastic BI on the cloud
  • Scale for thousands of users without impacting performance

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