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Solution Brief

Kyvos BI & Reporting
Intelligent Insights for Everyone

Kyvos offers a comprehensive suite of BI and reporting features tailored for every organizational role, spanning from IT and data administrators to business users. The platform enables seamless access to data insights, aligning with the unique roles and needs of users and facilitates real-time visualizations on historical and streaming data.

Kyvos empowers applications with robust business intelligence, allowing users to visually analyze enterprise data, enabling informed, data-driven decisions for a competitive edge.

Read the solution brief to dive into how Kyvos delivers:

  • A single source of truth while connecting multiple data sources
  • Self-serve BI capabilities with a simple drag-and-drop interface to all users
  • Scalable architecture enabling 360-degree insights on all operations
  • Comprehensive data security with appropriate authorization & authentication

Read our Solution Brief

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