Solution Brief

Essbase Migration Playbook

Increasing data volumes and growing business analytical needs present significant computing challenges as Essbase becomes cost-exorbitant after a certain point. As it becomes crucial to scale quickly and cost-effectively, most businesses shift from legacy technologies and move their workloads to the cloud. The need to modernize existing data platforms and the limited capabilities of BI tools are some of the key factors that drive Essbase migrations. 

Kyvos is a cloud-native, high-speed data analytics platform that eliminates all the limitations of legacy OLAP and helps you migrate from Essbase to any cloud platform. With our innovative AI-powered smart aggregation technology, you can achieve the speed and performance needed to handle today’s data. 

Download this playbook to learn how Kyvos’ modern OLAP can help you build a truly scalable BI and analytics platform without compromising on scale and performance. 

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