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Solution Brief

Unified Approach for Self-service ETL
and High-performance BI

Kyvos, the world’s most scalable and fastest BI Acceleration platform helps businesses to accelerate their journey from data to decisions. Our end-to-end solution helps you build a single, integrated pipeline to transform, ingest, and consume trillions of rows of data at a speed that was impossible before.

No more compromise due to data volume, concurrency, cost or delayed insights. With advanced algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and an automated workflow, Kyvos ensures that your data is put to work as soon as it arrives, and you can leverage every bit of it to make instant decisions that can reform your business.

Download our solution brief to learn how you can:

  • Connect data, in real-time, from multiple sources
  • Ingest and blend data at scale with self-service ETL
  • Consume and visualize your data using any BI tool
  • Achieve sub-second response times on trillions of datapoints
  • Leverage machine learning capabilities to get maximum value from your data

Read our Solution Brief

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