Solution Brief

Kyvos for Google Cloud Platform:
Accelerating Analytics on Massive Datasets

With the increase in data volumes and changing business requirements, businesses have either moved or are now considering migrating their data workloads to Google Cloud Platform. However, when business users and analysts use their existing Business Intelligence tools to connect to massive data on GCP and perform analytics, response times are typically slow. They fail to achieve interactive performance on trillions of rows with thousands of users.

Kyvos eliminates these limitations by directly building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer on the cloud. It leverages the native elasticity of the GCP platform to perform self-service, interactive analytics on your business data. Using its patented Smart OLAP technologyâ„¢, businesses can allow thousands of concurrent users to fire unlimited queries and transform data consumption. It also builds a high-performing semantic layer on GCP that simplifies analytics for business users and reduces the workload of analysts and data engineers.

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos works with GCP to deliver instant BI on the cloud.

In this solution brief, you will learn how to:

  • Scale your BI limitlessly
  • Analyze massive data in seconds
  • Save costs with auto-scaling
  • Use your existing BI tools for cloud analytics
  • Perform ad hoc analysis on massive data

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