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Solution Brief

Kyvos + MicroStrategy: Smart OLAP™
for Instant BI at Massive Scale

Kyvos helps users unleash the full potential of MicroStrategy by enabling instant, interactive, multi-dimensional analytics on data at massive scale.

Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology enables you to build massively scalable and highly performant OLAP cubes directly on the cloud or on-premise data lakes and establish live connectivity with your MicroStrategy dashboards. This allows users to explore massive data with unmatched performance on their MicroStrategy interface.

Download this Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos:

  • Delivers instant response times with MicroStrategy on any size, granularity, or scale of data
  • Eliminates the need for recreation of cube designs in MicroStrategy
  • Helps to create live connections between MicroStrategy and your cloud or on-premise data platform
  • Enables users to create a single, consolidated view of all your data, and that too at a fraction of your existing cost

Read our Solution Brief

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