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Solution Brief

Accelerate BI Performance on Redshift with Kyvos

Amazon Redshift is a well-known cloud-based data warehouse used by many enterprises to store and analyze cloud-scale data and gather valuable insights. However, when business users fire BI queries that involve billions of rows, users experience query latency and slow response times. This not only impacts performance but also increases your cloud compute costs.

Kyvos eliminates these analytical challenges and enables users to get sub-second responses on billions or even trillions of rows while reducing your cloud costs with preaggregation. With Kyvos, scale your BI on Redshift and explore years of data without any limitation.

In this solution brief, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze cloud-scale data on Redshift instantly
  • Use BI tools like Tableau, MicroStrategy, Power BI, etc. for instant cloud analytics
  • Scale up and down to ensure optimal utilization of cloud resources
  • Deliver high-performance access to 1000s of users

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