Superpowering Tableau for Trillions of Rows

While Tableau offers the most brilliant visual analytics for all your enterprise needs, the massive volumes of today’s data can challenge even Tableau.

Kyvos is transforming Tableau’s performance for users across the world to achieve instant insights on trillions of rows in sub-seconds, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.

Hear from the experts how Kyvos helped a leading global bank and a global software giant to overcome the constraints of scale and speed with its next-generation Smart OLAP™ technology. Also watch Kyvos perform live on a data set of 30 billion rows at the Tableau Conference 2019.

Watch the video to learn how:

  • A global software giant overcame its in-memory limitations with Kyvos to achieve Customer 360
  • Kyvos transformed risk and compliance analysis for a leading global bank
  • You can analyze trillions of data points in sub-seconds on your Tableau dashboard