Databricks + Kyvos: Enabling Scalable OLAP on a Data Lakehouse

OLAP takes self-service users beyond reports and dashboards to a deeper level of analysis. Yet traditional OLAP is often constrained by the limits of what the data warehouse makes available. Modern OLAP plus the advent of the data lakehouse changes all that. A data lakehouse unifies the best capabilities of data warehouse and data lake to support a range of workloads stretching from BI, reporting and dashboards to OLAP to AI/ML.

Kyvos’ modern OLAP enables you to work directly on top of your Databricks data lakehouse and get beyond legacy constraints. With AI-driven aggregation, you can move faster to develop cubes to maximize the value of the contents of your data lakehouse. Organizations can accelerate critical OLAP processes and gain insights at the speed of business.

In this webinar, expert panels from Kyvos, Databricks, and TDWI will also discuss how to integrate Kyvos’ modern OLAP and the Databricks data lakehouse to revolutionize data analysis and interaction.

Watch our webinar to learn how you can:

  • Strategize for providing users with easier data access, querying, and visualization
  • Create seamless integration between modern OLAP and the data lakehouse
  • Use AI-driven data aggregation for OLAP operations
  • Optimize dimensional analysis and increase performance for drill-down, roll-up, and slice-and-dice data interaction


Leo Duncan

Sr. Solutions Architect

Kyvos Insights

David Stodder

Sr. Director of
Research for BI,


Pavithra Rao

Solutions Architect


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