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A Modern OLAP Solution

With the exploding volumes of enterprise data, the responsiveness of analytical queries gets slowed down. This results in creative hindrances for analysts and decision-makers who need speed-of-thought responses to their critical business questions.

OLAP can solve the analytical challenges of modern organizations, but it needs a growing infrastructure to support the increasing scale. This whitepaper explores the story of three department managers frustrated by the opaque vision of their respective department’s performance and how Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology made their lives easier.

In this whitepaper, you’ll get to know:

  • The limitations of a cross-department data warehouse when running multiple queries at once
  • How aggregation tables can be affected by inconsistent performances and difficulties in cross-department implementations
  • The solution to these problems may be OLAP but not the traditional one
  • Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ mitigates the problems of data compression, caching, and redundant aggregations for faster query responses at an unprecedented scale


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