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Universal Semantic Layer for Instant, Actionable Insights

With data flowing in from different environments, geographies and departments, it becomes difficult for modern enterprises to rely on information gathered within their business intelligence (BI) ecosystem. Kyvos enhances data trust by building a semantic layer that offers a consistent, current and unified view across the enterprise for all users, irrespective of their expertise, skills and data proficiency.

This whitepaper explores the advanced architecture and features of Kyvos’ universal semantic layer designed to benefit all users by hiding the physical complexity of data and providing actionable insights within seconds—for any data volume or cloud platform of choice.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how our semantic layer helps:

  • Establish an enterprise-wide single source of truth
  • Enable self-service analytics with business abstraction
  • Ensure multi-dimensional analytics and reduced data engineering efforts
  • Achieve scalability and cost advantages
  • Implement complete data security and governance


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