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100X Faster Insights on the Cloud

Instantly analyze billions of data points on the cloud.

Superfast insights

Accelerate analytics on any BI tool, on any cloud platform. Analyze historical and live data instantly.

Analytics at scale

Analyze massive-scale data and gain actionable insights from the full depth and breadth of your data.

Maximized ROI

Boost the performance of analytics on the cloud while minimizing cloud computing costs.

Simplify analytics

Complement instant insights with powerful analytics built to handle complex data and business logic.

Why do you need analytics acceleration?

Enterprises today face challenges in drawing the insights they need due to the limitations of scale, cost, latency, memory thresholds or the need for expert resources in their current BI environment. Kyvos eliminates limitations of scale and complexity and arms enterprises to get answers 100x faster, on any BI tool and any volume of data on any cloud platform.

Modern analytics features

Instant insights
Instant responses to ad hoc queries with ML-powered intelligent preprocessed data models, and quick and easy data model creation.
Interactive analytics
Drill down, roll up, slice and dice data for deeper insights and granular details. Create data models with a visual, code-free designer.
Analytics at scale
Sub-second queries on any data volume, variety and velocity with intelligent preprocessing, caching and AI-powered self-tuning.
Cloud cost optimization
Reduce cloud compute costs with a ‘create-once-query-multiple-times’ approach. Schedule clusters to scale up and down with changing loads.
Complex analytics
Support for distinct counts, custom rollups and complex hierarchies—including ragged, unbalanced, recursive and alternate hierarchies— on trillions of rows.
Streaming data
Sub-second query responses for real-time streaming data without any latency.
Accelerate any analytics tool
Supercharge any BI tool to get instant insights from on-cloud or on-premises data warehouses using Kyvos’ SQL, MDX or DAX connectors and OLAP4J APIs.
No in-memory limitations
Eliminate memory limitations for faster preprocessing on massive-scale data with a distributed architecture and support for parallelism.
High concurrency
High-speed analytics with no performance degradation for thousands of users with intelligent preprocessing, caching and AI-powered self-tuning.
Build predictive models
Train ML models from massive data and build high-accuracy predictive analysis reports from long tail data.


High-performance analytics on the cloud

Kyvos Analytics Acceleration Platform Architecture


Customer analytics on 24 billion records

U. S. retail giant unlocks insights through interactive analytics of buying patterns over two years and analytics acceleration over data from 56,000 stores to transform the customer experience for 40 million customers.

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