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What this blog covers:

  • Introduction to Kyvos Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that leverages Generative AI to transform the landscape of data analytics. Kyvos Copilot promises to provide low-code and no-code solutions, making analytics more accessible and cost-effective for organizations.
  • Kyvos Copilot aims to deliver true self-serve analytics by combining natural language input with GenAI-driven capabilities. It emphasizes simplifying complex tasks and making advanced data analytics accessible to users regardless of their proficiency with query languages.
  • Kyvos allows users to interact with dashboards using business language, simplifying key business calculations and providing natural language summarization of data, enabling faster time to insights for data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

In today’s data-driven world, organizations deem business intelligence (BI) tools indispensable for valuable insights that facilitate informed decisions. Yet, the average user often perceives interacting with these BI tools as navigating a complex maze. Despite their visually intuitive information presentation design, we must acknowledge that BI tool architecture stems from databases and data systems, requiring a specific level of technical acumen.

Query languages like SQL and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) frequently underpin the reliance on BI tools for data retrieval. One must possess an extensive grasp of query language and database structure to write effective queries . Although pre-built dashboards and reports are available through BI tools, users commonly prefer customized views that cater precisely to their specific requirements. Manipulation of data through queries is a task that customizations necessitate; this process often puts ordinary users at an inherent disadvantage.

Delivering True Self-Serve Analytics with Kyvos Copilot

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI, has substantially revolutionized our technological interaction. The fusion of Gen AI with BI tools enhances diverse aspects of data analysis and reporting, thus manifesting a significant transformative effect on how we engage in technology-driven processes.

As a pioneer in BI acceleration and big data analytics, Kyvos actively spearheads revolutionary advancements. We have recently unveiled our groundbreaking solution, Kyvos Copilot, a potent system harnessing Generative AI to provide low-code and no-code solutions as well as cost-effective analytics. The feature stands ready to enhance customer experiences in ways never before seen.

By leveraging natural language input and AI-driven capabilities, Kyvos Copilot is poised to transform the way organizations interact with and derive insights from their data. The platform’s ability to handle billions of rows of data on modern data platforms makes it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to streamline their data processing and analysis needs.

Kyvos Copilot embarks on a mission to not just simplify writing KPI formulas and expressions, but to also provide condensed insights and summaries. This innovative stride is crafted with a sole intention: making advanced data analytics accessible to users across all proficiency levels, forging a path towards data processing that is streamlined, skills that are less niche-dependent and analytics that are both rapid and intuitively discernible.

Key Business Calculations

Kyvos Copilot is a game-changer, allowing users to interact with dashboards using business language. It simplifies the creation of key business calculations and makes them accessible to users of all skill levels. The Copilot then converts these inputs into the appropriate query language. This attribute isn’t just about catering to non-technical personnel, it’s more about laying a robust groundwork for simplified access to intricate calculations. Kyvos Copilot enables streamlined data processing and slashes the overreliance on specialized skill sets, granting a broader spectrum of users the opportunity to draw meaningful insights.

Natural Language Summarization

Kyvos Copilot metamorphoses into a data wizard, parsing through data, flagging anomalies and condensing pivotal insights into tailor-made summaries dispatched straight to decision-makers via Kyvos Viz and email. This symbiosis with Kyvos’ formidable drill-down capabilities fuels an efficiency revolution: users receive actionable insights straight from the source, negating the tiresome manual trawl through colossal datasets.

Natural Language Query Playground

Copilots on analytics platforms not only simplify the process of interacting with data but also democratize access to analytics. Kyvos Copilot makes analytics more inclusive and empowers a wider range of users to leverage the power of data for informed decision-making. This trend is expected to continue shaping the future of data analytics by making it more accessible, efficient and user-friendly.
Conversing in business language with an AI-powered interface, users can input queries and Kyvos Copilot responds by providing the answers through tables. This feature breaks the mold, offering an instinctive and accessible avenue to obtain instant insights without the intricacies of traditional query structures.
Kyvos Copilot significantly increases efficiency through AI-driven automation, reducing the time and effort dedicated to data analysis. This allows users to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing productivity and enabling organizations to use their resources better. Kyvos Copilot’s advanced AI delivers deeper, actionable insights directly into decision-makers’ hands, enabling them to make more informed choices.

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