Leading Global Bank transformed Risk-Based Forecasting with Instant BI at Massive Scale

With over a billion risk points a day and data stored in multiple platforms for different asset classes, the challenge was to get a daily consolidated view of their risk exposure, and also provide a way for analysts to interactively drill down to transaction-level details to identify issues.

Watch this video where Vice President, Risk and PNL, of a leading global bank describes the Big Data architecture they implemented using Kyvos, Tableau and Cloudera.

Global Investment Bank Transforms Financial Analytics with Smart OLAP™

Learn how they deliver MD&A for their C-suite and enable quick ad-hoc analysis for 700 analysts located across the globe. Download Case Study

Transforming Risk-based Forecasting with Instant BI

Leading global investment bank minimized risk exposure by extending trend analysis window by 18 times across billions of daily transactions. Download Case Study

Simplifying Period over Period Analysis on Data at Massive Scale

Read this blog to learn how Kyvos eliminates the limitations of speed and scale and helps you conduct high-speed YoY analysis on all your data at a massive scale. Read More

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