Kyvos + Tableau: Maximizing
BI and Analytics ROI on the Cloud

Tableau is one of the most popular BI tools that offers data visualization capabilities that enable business users to perform complex analysis and create interactive dashboards. One of the major reasons for Tableau’s popularity is that it creates intelligent dashboards and has brilliant visualization capabilities. However, with the increasing data volumes, it becomes challenging for Tableau to fetch query results quickly irrespective of where your data is – cloud or on-premise data lake.

To make critical decisions, businesses need instant insights into their data. They also need to create a single consolidated view of all their enterprise data without getting limited by memory.

Kyvos is a cloud-native BI acceleration platform that supercharges Tableau performance on the cloud and enables businesses to perform multidimensional, interactive, in-depth analytics on previously unthinkable amounts of data using Tableau.

Read about our customer successes and learn how Tableau on Kyvos is enabling leading enterprises across industries to:

  • Achieve instant, self-service analysis on their enterprise data
  • Scale infinitely without exploding costs
  • Maximize their BI and analytics ROI on the cloud

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