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Tableau Online

Where Beauty meets BI

You can do multidimensional analytics on all your data, without worrying about extracts or compromising on the aesthetics. Drill up, down, and sideways to get a 360-view of your domain.

Complex Data Modeling? No more!

Our semantic layer is a great leveler. It will present data to you in a way that you easily understand. And once you understand it, then you can create magic with it.

Be Limitless

Focus on the result and not the ingredients. Kyvos will take care of the size, complexity, and granularity of your data. You do what you do best – analysis.


What’s in a Name? Everything!

Tableau’s Kyvos Connector

Kyvos named connector for Tableau makes it easy to locate, select and connect.
As simple as that!

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Analyze Data of Years vs. Weeks!
In Seconds vs. Hours!

Walgreens’ 10000+ vendors and partners use Tableau dashboards on Kyvos to make timely and critical decisions transforming SCM efficiency and saving costs.

Adobe knows what their 230 million customers love, want and expect, thanks to Customer 360 with Tableau on Kyvos.

Come Experience the Magic of Tableau on Kyvos