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OLAP Modernization

Scalable OLAP Built for the Cloud

Achieve unprecedented performance at cloud scale.

Modern OLAP on cloud

Migrate your existing legacy OLAP usecases to Kyvos’ modern OLAP and achieve high performance with unlimited scalability.

No in-memory limitations

Distributed architecture and support for parallelism enable faster aggregation and querying on trillions of rows.

Smart aggregation

Our patented algorithms create smart aggregates with intelligent caching mechanism for instant insights irrespective of size or complexity.

Support for all analytics tools

Use any analytics tool for sub-second querying without depending on any extracts or imports.

How is Kyvos’ modern OLAP better than legacy OLAP

Features Legacy OLAP Kyvos' Modern OLAP
Performance Deteriorates with scale and concurrency. Sub-second responses for queries.
Scale Limitation on amount of data a single cube can hold. Create data models on trillions of rows.
Concurrency Slows down for higher concurrencies. Thousands of concurrent users.
Aggregation Manual tuning required to decide which aggregates to create. ML-powered intelligent aggregates.
Cube Building Cube build takes longer and consumes more resources as data size increases. Quick and easy cube building.
Platform Support Built for on-premise. Has to be retro-fitted in the cloud. Purpose built for the Cloud. Also supports on-premise.


The ultimate OLAP guide

OLAP is a proven technology popular that eliminates analytics latency and delivers instant query responses on business data. Download this ebook to learn more about Modern OLAP, its evolution, and how it can help your business today.


High-performance analytics on the cloud

Kyvos Analytics Acceleration Platform Architecture


5 Reasons to migrate from legacy OLAP to Kyvos’ modern OLAP

Analyzed 500 billion transactions with the ability to drill down to transaction
level details to be on top of their risk assessment.


AI-driven analytics for
leading global enterprises

Modern analytics features

Complex hierarchies
Complex hierarchies including ragged, unbalanced, recursive, and alternate hierarchies, and custom rollups.
Distinct count
Accurate distinct count on billions of rows.
Support for all schemas
Support for multi-fact, star, snowflake, and other schema designs, as well as additive and semi-additive functions.
Elasticity and auto-scaling
Schedule clusters to scale up and down to deal with predictable load changes without disruption.
Incremental data refreshes
Advanced caching features – auto-population, purge, and repopulation. Multi-level caching based on query patterns and analysis of data models.
Intelligent caching
Advanced caching features – auto-population, purge, and repopulation. Multi-level caching based on query patterns and analysis of data models.
UI-based data modeling
Visual, code-free designer to define relationships between datasets using simple drag and drop operations.
Quick analysis
Workflow-based quick analysis to design an OLAP database model with minimal interaction and bootstrapping work.
Powerful querying
Robust querying mechanism intelligently routes, serving queries within seconds.
Semantic layer
Business abstraction layer enables self-service analytics for business users.

Our Technology

Benefits of modern OLAP technology

  • – Pre-aggregation minimizes redundant processing and reduces querying costs
  • – Supercharges analytics tools with high query performance at massive scale
  • – Advanced data modeling capabilities to map complex business use cases
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Cloud analytics: Think big with modern OLAP



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