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Solution Brief

Kyvos for Snowflake: Cost-Effective BI
at Massive Scale with Smart OLAP™

In a world where businesses thrive on data-driven insights, you need to explore more and more data to make intelligent business decisions. Since you can’t control the influx of data, optimizing the cost is crucial. Due to this, many businesses are moving their data workloads to cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, which offers scale-out capabilities with the promise to make more data obtainable at a lower cost. However, with the volume and velocity at which their data is landing, businesses must take account of this data and use it for competitive advantage while optimizing their BI spend.

With the right solution like Kyvos in your architecture, you can eliminate a lot of query processing costs from Snowflake while improving overall performance, concurrency, and cost predictability. Using its cloud-native Smart OLAP™ technology, businesses can eliminate BI challenges, fire unlimited complex queries on massive data, and transform data consumption.

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos works with Snowflake to deliver instant and cost-effective BI on the cloud.

In this solution brief, you will learn how to:

  • Scale your BI limitlessly
  • Analyze massive data in seconds
  • Quickly scale up and down to deal with varying loads
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Scale for thousands of users without impacting performance
  • Reduce costs with elastic architecture

Read our Solution Brief

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