Smart OLAP Technology

Achieving optimal BI performance on data at a massive scale is one of the biggest challenges for any enterprise. Our smart OLAP technology, built for the modern data platforms, delivers unbelievable performance on trillions of rows of data with high concurrency. Kyvos installs directly on clusters located on the cloud or on-premise data lakes. The Kyvos cubes are fully pre-aggregated and materialized for speed. As all the combinations are processed in advance, they provide instant responses to queries across hundreds of dimensions and measures.

smart OLAP technology

OLAP at Massive Scale

Massively Scalable Cubes

Kyvos builds multi-dimensional cubes and stores them in a distributed manner across your data platform. Our advanced algorithms enable aggregations on huge amounts of data by containing the combinatorial explosion that happens with OLAP at this scale.

Intuitive Cube Designs

Cutting-edge features such as data profiling and query analysis optimize cube designs for better performance.

Powerful Querying

Robust querying mechanism and intelligent query engines return most queries in less than a second.

Intelligent Caching

Advanced features such as cache auto-population, purge, and repopulation deliver faster response times.

Incremental Cube Builds

Scheduled and automated incremental builds help in adding new data and replacing old data, without manual intervention or custom coding.

Immediate access to new data

Get instant access to vital datasets even before cubes are built on them to meet your urgent requirements.

Drill through into details

Drill through your analysis to get row-level information, and also look at dimensions and measures which are not aggregated in the cube.

Graphical Cube Designer

Design multi-dimensional cubes on your data through a visual, code-free designer. Define relationships between datasets using a simple drag and drop functionality.

Kyvos Visualization

Unlimited Scalability with High Performance

Kyvos build a high-performing, scalable BI architecture through its BI server and query engine clusters. The BI servers are designed with active-active load balancing for scalable deployments to thousands of users across the enterprise. The built-in load balancer intelligently routes queries to the right server, in a manner that maximizes performance and capacity utilization. Multiple BI servers ensure high availability with minimal downtime. In the case of a BI server failure, another one is automatically promoted for use.

Elastic Architecture

Kyvos is architected to optimize resource utilization, deal with peak loads, and deliver cost-effective BI on the cloud. The solution can quickly scale up and down without disruption to deliver consistent performance and ensure optimal utilization of resources. As more data gets added to the BI environment, Kyvos scales out transparently to build cubes on that data. Similarly, querying capacity can be scaled up or down depending upon the kind of load that is expected. In cloud environments, it helps in shrinking compute costs during lean periods.

Elastic BI on the Cloud