Kyvos Smart OLAP™ for BI Acceleration on the Cloud

Cloud Native | Highly Performant | Massively Scalable

Overcome BI Challenges of:

Decisions based on Sample data

Delayed Insights

Siloed Analytics

Inability to go Granular

With Kyvos Smart OLAP™ technology, you can build a Single Cube of Truth, even on trillions of rows, drill to transaction level and still get interactive responses.


Sub-second responses


Billions & Trillions of Rows


ML Powered

Why Smart OLAP™


Scale your BI to meet ever-growing business needs on the cloud with its elastic, self-learning, low on compute, and high on re-usability features.


Handle complex data models, integrate with data science products, and solve real-world data and BI challenges.


Stop worrying about combinatorial explosion. As the number of dimensions increase, the cross-combinations multiply, resulting in a combinatorial explosion that becomes unmanageable in terms of resources and storage capacity. With its patented technology, Kyvos contains this even for large and complex data sets with hundreds of dimensions and attributes, making it far superior to any other OLAP engine. Build aggregates on billions of rows across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and slice-and-dice, drill-down, and roll-up in seconds.


Intuitively and visually design and build cloud OLAP models. It’ll keep learning on the job with ML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine Provides intelligent recommendations based on data profile and query patterns, making it easy for you to optimize cube designs without the need for technical expertise.

How is Smart OLAP™ better than Legacy OLAP


Smart OLAP™

Legacy OLAP


Sub-second responses for queries

Deteriorates with scale and concurrency


Build on trillions of rows.

Limitation on amount of data a single cube can hold.


Thousands of concurrent users.

Slows down for higher concurrencies.


ML-powered intelligent aggregates.

Manual tuning required to decide which aggregates to create.

Cube Building

Quick and easy cube building.

Cube build takes longer and consumes more resources as data size increases.

Platform Support

Purpose built for the Cloud. Also supports on-premise.

Built for on-premise. Has to be retro-fitted in the cloud.

Migrate your legacy platforms to next-gen cloud-native OLAP

Quick migration | Automated utility | Unlimited scalability




Benefits of Smart OLAP™

  • Pre-aggregation minimizes redundant processing and reduces querying costs
  • Turbocharged BI ToolsSupports all major BI tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, Power BI, Business Objects, Cognos, and Spotfire. The same queries that took minutes and hours earlier, return in sub-seconds. with high responsiveness at scale
  • Intelligent aggregation based on the query patterns for optimizing designs
  • Advanced data modelingAdvanced data modeling features help build complex logical hierarchies, without compromising on performance. Smart OLAP™ supports recursive, unbalanced, ragged, and alternate hierarchies, custom rollups as well as massively scalable accurate distinct count on billions of transactions. capabilities to map complex business use cases

Advanced OLAP Features


Complex hierarchies including ragged, unbalanced, recursive, and alternate hierarchies, and custom rollups.

Distinct Count

Massively scalable accurate distinct count on billions of transactions.


Support for multi-fact, star, snowflake, and other schema designs, as well as additive and semi-additive functions.

Elasticity and Auto-Scaling

Schedule cluster scaling to scale up and down without disruption to deal with predictable load changes.

Incremental Builds

Scheduled and automated incremental build for adding and replacing data without coding or manual intervention.

Intelligent Caching

Advanced caching features – auto-population, purge, and repopulation. Multi-level caching based on query patterns and usage.

UI-based Data Modeling

Visual, code-free, designer to define relationships between datasets using simple drag and drop operations.

Quick Analysis

Workflow-based quick analysis to design an OLAP model with minimal interaction and bootstrapping work.

Powerful Querying

Robust querying mechanism intelligently routes, serving queries within seconds.

Cloud-Native BI Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

Smart OLAP Architect

High Performance on Every Data Platform

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Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud



Case Study

Global Investment Bank Transforms Financial Analytics with Smart OLAP™

Case Study


Cloud Analytics: Think Big with Smart OLAP™


The Need for OLAP on the Cloud

Hear from our Customers

Kyvos reduced our time to insight dramatically, helping us analyze billions of rows of data quickly and that’s the biggest benefit for Walgreens. We are now able to drill down to details on the fly to support our day to day business.

Mahek ParikhData Scientist, Walgreens

Kyvos semantic layer helped us stitch all our data together and enable self-service BI for our business users. Now, they can slice and dice in pretty much any combination they want within sub-seconds.

Mark PiconeVP, Info. & Data Services, Adobe

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