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Smart OLAP™ Technology2020

Next generation OLAP.

Built for modern data platforms and massive data, Kyvos gives new power to OLAP by making it scale to meet your current and future business needs.

Massively Scalable Cubes. Unlimited Insights.

Advanced algorithms enable aggregations on massive data by containing the combinatorial explosion that happens with OLAP at this scale. You can build cubes across hundreds of dimensions and measures and slice and dice, drill-down, and roll-up in seconds.

Intuitive Cube Designs.

Our ML based Smart Recommendation Engine helps you build aggregates based on most frequently used and most anticipated queries, optimizing cube designs for the most complex business use cases.


Don’t let your BI tool limit you – analyze any amount of data, with high concurrency, and still get instant response times.


Bring intelligence into your analysis with our machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine.


Interact with your data like never before. Roll up, drill down, slice and dice in seconds.


Scale up and down without disruption for consistent performance during peak loads and release resources during lean periods.

High-Performance BI at Massive Scale

Cubes are fully pre-aggregated and materialized for speed. As all the combinations are processed and stored in advance, you get quick answers for all business questions. Smart OLAP™ serves all queries, warm or cold, in sub-seconds irrespective of your data volumes.

Cloud Native Architecture. Unlimited Scalability

Designed for modern data platforms, our Smart OLAP™ technology builds massively scalable cubes on trillions of rows. As more data gets added to the BI environment, Smart OLAP™ can scale-out transparently to build cubes on that data. Linear scalability enables thousands of users to query the cubes, without impacting performance.

Build Once, Query Limitlessly

Build cubes with as many dimensions and measures as needed depending upon your business needs. Reduce your querying costs substantially with our build-once-query-limitlessly approach. Once the cubes are built, you can fire as many queries as you need without exploding your costs.


Smart Recommendation Engine

Smart Recommendation Engine

Machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine profiles data and studies query patterns to provide intelligent recommendations that make it easy for you to optimize cube designs without the need for technical expertise.

Powerful Querying and Intelligent Caching

Robust querying mechanism and intelligent query engines return most queries in less than a second. Advanced features such as cache auto-population, purge, and repopulation enable faster response times.

Smart Recommendation Engine

Smart OLAP™ Technology

Advanced Data Modeling

Model complex business cases with ease and speed. Smart OLAP™ supports massively scalable accurate distinct count on billions of transactions as well as recursive, unbalanced, ragged, and alternate hierarchies, with custom rollups.

Incremental Cube Builds

Add new data and replace old data without manual intervention or custom coding with our scheduled and automated incremental build features.

Incrimental Build Cubes

Advanced Data Modeling

Drill through into details

Drill through your analysis to get row-level information, and also look at dimensions and measures which are not aggregated in the cube. Get instant access to vital datasets even before cubes are built on them to meet your urgent requirements.

Graphical Cube Designer

Design multi-dimensional cubes on your data through a visual, code-free cube designer. Easily define relationships between datasets using a simple drag and drop functionality, with minimum dependency on IT teams.

Graphical Cube Designer


Transform your business with instant insights on massive data, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Download our datasheet to learn more.


To leverage the full potential of the cloud for BI, you need Smart OLAP™ to accelerate BI with optimal resource utilization, maximized ROI, and without unnecessary costs.

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Eliminate the limitations of traditional BI and perform instant analytics on all your data with the world’s fastest and most scalable BI acceleration platform.