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Accelerate big data analytics
on Hadoop

With the big data coming in from a wide variety of sources and growing analytical needs, several businesses struggle to extract insights using their BI tools at a speed that corresponds to their business needs. Today businesses need a BI solution that can help them analyze their big data on Hadoop instantly.

Kyvos is a BI acceleration platform that accelerates big data analytics on Hadoop by supercharging BI tools to analyze massive data in sub-seconds. Kyvos enables users across the enterprise to achieve self-service and interactive analytics to be on top of their business needs. Our innovative Smart OLAP™ technology breaks the barriers of BI scalability and interactivity on Hadoop and enables businesses to use their existing BI tools with high performance.

In this datasheet, you will learn about:

  • Key features of the Kyvos BI Acceleration platform
  • Our Smart OLAP™ technology
  • How you can deliver live data access to 1000s of users
  • Mutli-level Enterprise data security features

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