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What this blog covers:

  • How traditional analytics systems are unable to keep up with the ever-growing volume and complexities of data
  • The dual challenges of inadequate performance and high costs of moving to cloud-based analytics solution with high data volumes and concurrent users
  • How Kyvos goes above and beyond existing cloud-based analytics solutions, enabling high performance analytics and keeping costs in control at any scale
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The rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics is interlinked to voluminous size and growing complexities of data, where traditional technologies can no longer keep up with the business requirements of near-instant insights. Organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions that can offer the highest level of performance at scale while being cost-effective. Initially, moving to the cloud to achieve high-speed analytics seemed like the only way out, but it came with its own challenges of balancing cost and ensuring optimal performance.

Costs on the cloud can escalate quickly based on data storage, processing and transfer. Careful resource allocation and consistent monitoring are key to keep these costs from going out of hand. Achieving high-performance analytics, even on the cloud, with large datasets, complex queries and thousands of concurrent users poses a difficult challenge. These challenges combined can cause latency issues for organizations, often leading to delayed insights and missed opportunities. Striking the right balance between cost efficiency and performance enhancement becomes imperative to maximize the benefits of cloud-based data analytics while minimizing financial impact.

Kyvos, a modern, cloud-native and high-speed data analytics platform is designed to spearhead this change and combat the limitations of legacy tools and technologies. The platform goes above and beyond the offerings of traditional cloud technologies, implementing innovative solutions to augment the existing prowess of their capabilities even further. Organizations can reap all the benefits of the cloud, with the added advantages of cost and performance optimization. Kyvos’ AI-based smart aggregation technology and intelligent caching ensure lightning-fast query responses, even for billions of rows, while eliminating the chances of exploding costs. This price-performant querying enables organizations to maintain a high degree of control over their costs even with large datasets and concurrent users.

Kyvos positions itself as a standout player in the market that can help organizations maximize the value of their data with its focus on high-speed analytics, a universal semantic layer, data mesh capabilities and seamless integration with Azure Marketplace.

Analytical Data Warehouse: Unified Data Storage on the Cloud

Kyvos’ ability to provide fast, scalable and cost-effective data analytics are the core features of its value proposition. The platform enables instant insights from large datasets, allowing organizations to analyze aggregated and raw data with minimal latency. As data volumes and complexities grow, Kyvos ensures no-compromise performance, scaling seamlessly without sacrificing speed.

The integration of lightweight algorithms and faster analytical query engines contributes to shorter response times, and Kyvos supports queries on blended data for seamless execution. It works with standard querying languages like SQL, MDX, DAX, OLAP4J and REST, offering a versatile solution that caters to diverse analytical needs.

The platform’s analytical data warehouse ensures that enterprises do not need to maintain separate storage systems, enabling lightning-fast queries on a single data source. This not only reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) but also empowers users, from data scientists to analysts, with simple analytics workflows using their preferred business intelligence (BI) tools.

Universal Semantic Layer: Organizing, Simplifying and Accelerating Data Consumption

A key component that organizes, simplifies and accelerates the consumption of unified data is Kyvos’ universal semantic layer. The layer mitigates data complexities, maps data to business terms and standardizes business logic, providing users with a consistent, standardized and trusted view of their data.

Designed for the cloud, the layer is instrumental in logically organizing or combining schemas without loss of details, managing complex logical hierarchies and inspecting key performance indicator (KPI) drivers and trends using aggregated and raw data.

Intelligent data aggregation and caching, powered by AI, enable sub-second queries on billions of rows and high concurrency without performance degradation. This ensures a unified view of data from different sources with curated and standardized models, promoting consistent metrics across analytics tools.

Data Mesh: Democratizing Access to Data, Analytics and Insights

Kyvos goes beyond traditional data analytics platforms by combining accessibility, performance and robust governance, enabling organizations to democratize access to data, analytics and insights for all users. With Kyvos, organizations can create optimized and intuitive data products across different domains.

The inter-domain analysis facilitated by Kyvos allows blending of data products from different departments, enabling integrated analysis across domains. A universal semantic layer provides a common, user-friendly presentation, reducing wait times and eliminating analytics friction. The platform offers fine-gained access control, providing authorization at the user or group levels, stemming down into row and column-level security. Column-level security enables hiding certain measurers or dimensions for a set of users and row-level security provides the option to hide specific rows for certain users.

BI & Reporting: From Data Discovery to Actionable Insights

Kyvos extends its capabilities into business intelligence and reporting, offering built-in data science and machine learning capabilities. This allows business users to make informed decisions and predict future possibilities.

Interactive dashboards provide customizable 360° views, allowing users to analyze and leverage data for a comprehensive understanding. The platform supports real-time analytics from multiple sources, including live streaming data, ensuring fact-based decision-making as operations unfold.

Kyvos offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality and modern visualizations. Reports can be set up for distribution to different stakeholders, ensuring timely delivery of insights. The mobile analytics enables users to access business insights on the go, fostering collaboration with fully responsive dashboards.

High-Speed, Multidimensional Analytics, Now on Azure

Kyvos’ latest initiative is to extend its reach by offering its multidimensional analytics capabilities on the Azure Marketplace. This integration allows organizations to leverage Kyvos and unleash the power of data analytics at any speed and scale with existing Azure account.

With Kyvos now being available directly on Azure, the deployment process becomes streamlined and allows users to start using the platform directly in their Azure account with just a few clicks. This leads to the elimination of lengthy approval processes, budget considerations or investments in on-premises hardware. The pay-as-you-go model provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness and enables organizations to ingest, store and analyze any volume of data from multiple sources while scaling resources based on workload and data volume.

Kyvos simplifies data complexity, allowing organizations to spot trends, identify opportunities and gain a competitive edge. The platform’s cloud readiness ensures that businesses can leverage contemporary cloud benefits while efficiently managing the growth of vast data volumes and query loads.

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