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What this blog covers:

  • Kyvos has introduced an analytical data warehouse (ADW) to enable high-speed analytics on the cloud.
  • Kyvos’ ADW can answer analytical queries in real-time using a unified data source, while ensuring compact storage and secure data access.
  • Kyvos uses its distributed, scale-out architecture to allow as much data storage as needed with seamless query execution on all data types – aggregated or raw.
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When enterprises need prompt answers to business-critical queries, a separate yet consolidated analytical data warehouse is their knight in shining armor. Consider this – business data comes from disparate sources in structured or raw formats, in bigger hordes than most organizations are equipped to handle. Querying monolithic repositories–especially with multiple data warehouses–can be both costly and cumbersome.

A unified repository intended for analytics-related data can not only reduce storage costs but also ensure faster insights without losing performance at any scale, using any analytics tool of choice. Kyvos’ AI/ML-powered analytical data warehouse ticks all the right boxes and is tailor-made to deliver high-speed data analytics on the cloud. Let’s see how:

No Need for Separate Data Warehouses

Organizations typically invest in separate systems for raw and aggregated data, creating multiple copies of the data. The management of these systems can be astronomical in cost.

With Kyvos, businesses can eliminate this expense using one single platform. Now, they can optimize cloud budgets and reduce their TCO (total cost of ownership) by establishing, accessing, governing and maintaining a unified data warehouse for all their analytics needs. The platform can answer analytical queries in real-time using a unified data source.

Scalable & Well-Integrated Architecture

In current enterprise architectures, encompassing several on-prem and cloud-native storage facilities plus custom-built data lakes, scalability takes a nosedive. Data silos and security concerns can pose more challenges on the way.

Kyvos uses its distributed, scale-out architecture to allow as much data storage as needed with seamless query execution on all data types – aggregated or raw. There’s no need to make adjustments for over- or under-provisioning because the platform supports parallel processing to scale up and down, depending on the analytical workloads.

In addition, Kyvos allows tight integration with any data platform, BI tool, connector or interface of choice, enabling simplified analytics for all – data scientists, business users or analysts. Organizations can scale limitlessly without compromising performance even for higher concurrency, data volumes and complexities.

Open interfaces allow connection with any third-party visualization or analytics tool using industry-standard connectors and APIs such as SQL, MDX, REST and DAX.

Compact Storage

As enterprise data grows in magnitude, complex analytical queries become more sluggish and costly. Compact storage in Kyvos’ analytical data warehouse reduces the disk size to accommodate ever-expanding datasets. The platform needs fewer disks to run even the most complex queries, reducing storage costs substantially. Organizations can reduce the size of uncompressed raw data anywhere from 3-9 times its original size.

Highly Performant & Lightning-Fast

Most data warehouses perform raw data querying while aggregation happens at the runtime. Kyvos’ ADW stores both raw data as well as aggregates for faster queries. Raw data can be blended easily with aggregates to execute any analytical use case, optimizing the price-performance ratio with near-zero infrastructure management.

Vectorized processing and column-oriented database architecture allow faster processing of the data, perfect for OLAP queries. Kyvos’ dedicated analytical query engines ensure shorter response time, irrespective of the underlying data size or complexity. Users can roll up, drill down, slice and dice data in seconds.

Secure Data Access

Data leaders and users are constantly riddled with the vulnerability of their sensitive data against malicious attacks, breaches and compliance issues.

Granular role-based access control on Kyvos keeps information in the hands of trusted people while row- and column-level security protocols protect any piece of data from falling into the gaps or being accessed by people not authorized to use it. Our SOC-2 Type II compliant platform ensures data encryption at rest and in transit to securely share information across teams.

Kyvos helps them break through the data silos and establish a single source of truth, using data more confidently without worrying about its credibility.

Looking Ahead

Kyvos helps accelerate the pace of innovation in global enterprises with its universal semantic layer, advanced BI capabilities and data mesh support. The unified analytical data warehouse will further empower our customers to consolidate and optimize their cloud spending without investing in separate storage systems for raw and aggregated data.

The platform integrates within any existing analytics architecture to deliver insights that can truly make a difference to the company’s overall performance.

Request a demo today to see how Kyvos ensures high-speed analytics at an unprecedented scale.

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