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What this blog covers:

  • The challenges FP&A professionals face, including dealing with complex data, accurate forecasting and the use of advanced analytical tools.
  • How Kyvos empowers finance and treasury professionals to overcome challenges related to volatile markets, data limitations and legacy BI infrastructure.
  • Explain how Kyvos simplifies risk management by enabling quick data models and providing seamless integrations with analytics tools to analyze billions of transactions at record speeds.
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Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) professionals play a crucial role in an organization by providing strategic financial guidance and supporting decision-making processes.

However, they often face various challenges in their roles that are caused by several factors such as data complexity and the need for accurate forecasting and reporting, among others.

One of the most significant challenges for FP&A professionals is dealing with the increasing size of intricate data. They are required to gather, analyze and interpret data from multiple sources, dealing with disparatesystems and data inconsistencies. This requires the utilization of advanced analytical tools to make sense of data from sources such as financial statements, market trends and internal operational data.

Accurate forecasting is crucial for effective financial planning, budgeting and decision-making. However, achieving forecast accuracy is often a significant challenge due to the unpredictability of factors such as market volatility, economic conditions and industry trends. FP&A professionals need to employ robust forecasting models and use historical data as well as live data effectively to improve their predictive accuracy.

Risk, treasury, and finance professionals play a critical role in managing financial risks, ensuring liquidity and optimizing financial performance. But they face multiple challenges like coping with volatile markets and economic fluctuations, assessing and mitigating various market risks, and staying up to date with technological advancements like AI and ML to meet their financial obligations and sustain operations. Finance teams need a cloud-native analytics acceleration platform like Kyvos to overcome these challenges. Let’s look at a few use cases to understand how Kyvos enables streamlined, fast and scalable risk, finance and treasury management processes.

Empowering Treasury Functions with a Single Source of Truth Using Universal Semantic Layer

In treasury management, maintaining hundreds of QlikView Data (QVD) files, most of which can be report-specific, is a challenge. There are multiple limitations on the amount of analytics-ready data, such as the ability to process up to 150 columns, 1 to 2M rows and 5 days to a maximum of 6 months of history.

With multiple levels of aggregations, time-series analysis also gets limited and drill-down on the same dashboard is difficult and slow. Kyvos can help build a consolidated view across an entire enterprise by creating a single source of truth using the universal semantic layer. The platform also offers advanced visualization capabilities through its bundled tool, Kyvos Viz.

Leveraging its advanced capabilities, professionals can make use of interactive dashboards, cross tabs and time series analysis features to gain meaningful insights from financial data.

Facilitating Quicker Insights for Finance Teams

Leading multinational investment banks that operate in multiple countries require a single dashboard to visualize FP&A for their C-level executives. The aim is to enable quick ad hoc analysis for a large number of analysts located across the globe. However, legacy BI infrastructure falls short on speed and performance. They are limited to analyzing only limited historical data and yet face slow and inconsistent query responses.

Moreover, data refreshes caused downtimes and long data modeling times resulted in delayed adjustments and restatements in the Close of Business (COB) financials. All these challenges followed by high licensing and support costs lead them to aggressively look for better solutions. Kyvos can deliver high performance even for dimensions with complex alternate hierarchies and custom rollups. Optimized data models can be built in minutes with its intuitive, code-free designer, thereby eliminating time-consuming data engineering efforts. Quick incremental data modeling helps manage data refreshes as often as needed to support businesses.

Enabling Comprehensive Risk Management

FP&A professionals today deal with over a billion risk points every day. They struggle to create a consolidated view of risks across their assets, making it impossible to correlate risks across asset classes to understand trends. Analysts are unable to drill down into vast amounts of data to understand complex transactions causing late and deficient risk analysis. Understanding how the risk of one asset class affects that of other needs more than a simple analysis.

To facilitate the preparation of enterprise-level data, Kyvos creates a common data schema for all asset classes and builds a data model-based semantic layer directly on existing data lakes. This can enable instant access to transaction-level details. The platform is designed to create quick data models and enable incremental data refreshes to analyze billions of transactions at record speeds, facilitating accurate ad-hoc reporting with the latest data. Seamless integrations with all analytics and data science tools empower analysts to work in familiar environments.

Kyvos simplifies the process of preparing enterprise-level data by defining universal business metrics across asset classes and then building a user-friendly data model on top of existing data lakes.

The Kyvos Advantage for Risk, Finance and Treasury

Kyvos provides a robust solution to address the challenges faced by FP&A professionals, enabling them to unlock the full potential of financial data. The platform can specifically assist finance, treasury, and risk management professionals in a multitude of ways:

  • Real-time Analysis and Drill-Down Capabilities
    Kyvos provides the ability drill down to the lowest level of granularity to identify trends, anomalies and areas for improvement. This empowers them to make timely decisions based on accurate insights
  • Advanced Aggregation and Time-Series Analysis
    Kyvos’ smart pre-aggregation technology enables FP&A professionals to create aggregates and perform time-series analysis on extensive historical data. This capability enhances forecasting accuracy, variance analysis and risk assessment.
  • Advanced Data Visualization.
    Advanced visualization capabilities to create interactive dashboards and reports helps present complex financial data in a visually appealing manner, facilitating better communication and collaboration.
  • Cost Effective Analytics
    Kyvos helps keep costs under control with a create-once-query-multiple-times approach and auto-scaling capabilities.
  • Enterprise Security
    Kyvos integrates with enterprise security infrastructures along with support for strong authentication and single sign-on. It works seamlessly with modern data platforms to assure complete data governance and security.

Looking Ahead

FP&A professionals face significant challenges in managing large volumes of data, ensuring real-time insights and effectively managing risks. By providing comprehensive views, real-time analysis and advanced visualization capabilities, Kyvos enables FP&A teams to make data-driven decisions, improve risk management and drive financial growth. With Kyvos, organizations can unlock the true potential of their financial data and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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