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Tableau is brilliant at creating compelling and intuitive visualizations quickly and easily, rightfully making it a leading data visualization tool. Built for helping people see and understand information, Tableau facilitates easy, flowing conversations between business users and their data, without the need of IT guys and analysts as intermediaries. Over years, however, as enterprise data volumes have grown to billions and trillions of rows, the number of data sources has exploded and the migration from on-premise to the Cloud happened, these conversations became harder.

Over large volumes of data, Tableau queries can then take much longer and even the most advanced power users ended up working with a small sample of data instead of the full extent of it. What can a modern enterprise in this situation do that does not require a ‘rip and replace’ of expensive technology and years of expertise?

Enter Kyvos, a performance acceleration platform and an essential addition to the modern analytics toolkit. As data engineering becomes more difficult and complex, Kyvos makes these conversations easier by bringing the most modern data and analytics technologies to partners like Tableau. As Kyvos will showcase at the Tableau Conference 2023, it adds scale, simplicity, performance and tops that with cloud cost savings for Tableau.

Unmatched Analytical Speed at Unlimited Scale

Kyvos creates a high-performing analytics acceleration layer between Tableau and the cloud, leveraging the cloud’s scalability and elasticity to allow enterprises to use Tableau seamlessly at any scale. With Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology, all possible combinations are pre-processed and stored on the cloud, which allows lightweight queries to accelerate Tableau performance.

Kyvos helps organizations to deliver performance at a larger scale than native cloud data warehouses because it pre-computes all the information. Users then simply use the Tableau interface to instantly access the data and calculations, without having to wait for an SQL engine to compute the results. Being able to and query any amount of data to receive responses in sub-seconds at scale means that business users can go from week-over-week or month-over-month comparisons to analyzing years of data for insights that drive smarter decisions.

Universal Semantic Layer

Kyvos’ Universal Semantic Layer lets users see and interact with data in a way that does not require the technical ability to write queries. Moreover, the semantic layer establishes a single source of truth for the enterprise which ensures that the answers remain the same regardless of who is asking the question.

One of the most robust and scalable semantic layers in the market, it allows articulation of intricate business rules in a language that is easily understood by business users and establishing a unified, standardized view of all the data across the organization. Business users can then exploit the visualization capabilities of Tableau, in conjunction with Kyvos’ self-service analytics, to discover instant insights that promote data-driven decisions across the organization.

Smart OLAP™ on Tableau

Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology allows users to construct data models on a vast scale and offers Tableau users instant insights into any volume or breadth of historical data—without sacrificing granularity. Kyvos also allows organizations to modernize their legacy OLAP technologies by migrating data SSAS, Essbase or Cognos environments to the cloud and perform analysis on a much bigger scale. In addition,

Custom Connector for Tableau

Kyvos offers a custom Tableau connector for seamless integration and making connecting to massive data volumes and performing interactive analytics easy and secure. Kyvos also equips Tableau users with in-built SQL, MDX and OLAP4J connectors to keep the conversation flowing with their data. This enables business users to explore data to transactional level, drill down or drill through hundreds of dimensions and receive sub-second responses on billions of data points, even when there is extremely high concurrency, directly from their Tableau dashboards.

No More Extracts from The Cloud

Kyvos allows enterprises to connect Tableau to their data within their cloud environment at massive scale. Without performance acceleration, business users extract a part of their data from the cloud to perform analytics on it, but this translates to critical business decisions being made on a sample set of data. Kyvos allows Tableau to be plugged directly into all of an enterprise’s data, giving users the full view of any volume, breadth or velocity of data.

Kyvos supports all the major data platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP for cloud storage services. In addition, it also supports cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Databricks, Teradata, BigQuery, Oracle RDS, Redshift and Hive. With Kyvos, enterprises can attain remarkably improved analytics performance on extensive data through Tableau, without business users ever being concerned about the fundamental data infrastructure or the changes in it.

The Kyvos platform incorporates a three-tiered security architecture to provide enterprise-level security across various levels. With row and column level selective access and role-based authorization, users are restricted to viewing only the data they are authorized to. Moreover, Kyvos can easily integrate with single sign-on models like Okta, Windows Authentication Service, and Site Minder.

More Cloud, For Less

Kyvos also allows organizations to corral exploding cloud costs with a ‘create once, query multiple times’ solution that delivers faster analytics performance at the lowest cost. It employs full pre-processing to reduce compute at run time, without compromising performance or driving up costs. With automated Smart Aggregation and load-based scaling, Kyvos helps businesses drastically cut down compute costs and maximize cloud ROI.

Meet Us at Tableau Conference 2023! As Kyvos returns to the Tableau Conference, come visit booth #8 to learn more. Save the date for our session “Make Tableau 100X faster, even on trillions of rows!” on May 10 | 11 AM PT.

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