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Press Release

MicroStrategy Launches Kyvos Connector for Massively Accelerated Analytics

MicroStrategy introduces a new gateway connector for Kyvos BI acceleration platform to help enterprises deal with their growing data workloads.

Los Gatos, January 28, 2020 – Kyvos Insights, a leading cloud, and big data analytics company, announced that MicroStrategy has built and launched a new Kyvos gateway connector with its latest version MicroStrategy 2021.

This connector comes as the next step in Kyvos and MicroStrategy’s partnership to help enterprises make the most out of their data and achieve instant business insights. Kyvos creates a BI acceleration layer directly on modern data platforms, allowing users to achieve instant, interactive, multi-dimensional analytics on data at a massive scale on their MicroStrategy interface.

The Kyvos named connector will make it easy for end-users to connect and explore all trillions of rows using MicroStrategy dossiers, documents, and reports. It strengthens the integration between the two platforms, making it easier for enterprise users to analyze massive data volumes on modern data platforms.

Ajay Anand, Chief Product Officer at Kyvos Insights, stated, “MicroStrategy is a strategic partner for Kyvos, and together we’re helping our customers to become truly data-driven with business intelligence at their fingertips. This connector is an excellent addition to our platforms’ joint capabilities for delivering sub-second responses on billions of data rows.”

Kyvos Insights is also a Platinum Sponsor at MicroStrategy World 2021, the first virtual global conference by MicroStrategy scheduled for February 3-4 for BI enthusiasts across the world.

About Kyvos Insights

Kyvos is a modern, cloud-native analytics acceleration platform that enables sub-second querying on massive datasets. The platform’s universal semantic layer democratizes data across the enterprise through self-serve analytics. You can instantly analyze data at any scale irrespective of the analytics tool or underlying cloud platform. For more information For more information, visit us at or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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