BI Acceleration on the Cloud

Powered by Smart OLAP™

Any Data Size. Any BI Tool. Instant Insights.

BI Acceleration on All Your Data

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Trillion Rows in Seconds at Global Banks

Make intelligent business decisions by analyzing years of data in seconds.

Fastest Insights

Find those game-changing insights faster than ever before.

Deep Exploration

Go deep into every metric that matters and make informed business decisions.

Unlimited Scale

Scale limitlessly with your growing data and users without impacting performance.

Reduced Querying Costs

Fire unlimited queries without any additional costs.

Smart OLAP™

Bridge the gap between technology limitations and your business needs.
Create a semantic layer for your enterprise with our Smart OLAP technology and deep dive into trillions of data points effortlessly to uncover insights that were simply impossible before.


Freedom from limitations.
Freedom to explore.

Don’t let your BI tool limit you – analyze any amount of data, with high concurrency, and still get instant response times.


Learn as you go.
Grow as you learn.

Bring intelligence into your analysis with our machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine.


Talk to your data.
It’ll talk back to you.

Interact with your data like never before. Roll up, drill down, slice and dice in seconds.


Consume what you need.
Conserve what you don’t.

Scale up and down without disruption for consistent performance during peak loads and release resources during lean periods.

Experience the Kyvos Magic!



More Data

Make your decisions based on a strong foundation of many years of data.



Faster Queries

Don’t let the weight of data slow down your decision making.




High-performance with added benefit of cost savings.

See what Our Customers have Achieved.

Walgreens’ 10000+ vendors and partners use Tableau dashboards on Kyvos to make timely and critical decisions transforming SCM efficiency and saving costs.

Barclays leverages Tableau on Kyvos to analyze 100s of billions of risk points across multiple assets spread over years of data.

Adobe knows what their 230 million customers love, want and expect, thanks to Customer 360 with Tableau on Kyvos.

What can You Achieve with Us?

Accelerate Cloud BI

Enhance BI performance and drive adoption by delivering seamless user experience.

Save costs on Cloud Data Warehouse

Enable self-serve, interactive access on Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift, while managing your BI costs effectively.

Solve complex business use cases

Create an accurate representation of business requirements and achieve high performance.

Supercharge BI tool performance

Delight your business users by delivering instant BI on their favorite tools.

Replace SSAS with next-gen OLAP

Migrate your SSAS cubes to the cloud with a simple, no-fuss migration utility.

Use Excel for big data analytics

Enable live connections from Excel and liberate your users from the pain of learning a new tool.

Eliminate data silos

Build a single source of truth across your enterprise by creating a massively scalable OLAP cube.

Migrate legacy platforms

Upgrade your traditional EDW, such as Teradata, Oracle, Netezza, to a cloud-based BI acceleration platform.

Prevent cluster resource exhaustion

Optimize resource utilization of critical BI applications, relieving your shared cluster from heavy workloads.

Semantic Layer with a Difference.

Not all semantic layers are the same. Most fail on performance.
With Kyvos semantic layer, you can achieve high performance across all queries without worrying about the complexity of your data.