Transforming BI on Big Data in the Cloud

Our Elastic OLAP on Big Data technology delivers instant business intelligence on trillions
of rows of data, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Discover how our customers are achieving unthinkable value with BI on Big Data

We deliver BI at unprecedented scale, speed, and granularity, on data in the cloud or on-premise Big Data platforms. Our enterprise-ready platform is helping organizations transform their business with interactive, self-service analysis.

Risk Management & CCAR at Barclays

Barclays increased its trend analysis window by 6 times for interactive risk assessment across all asset classes.

Viewer Analytics at Verizon

Verizon improved customer experiences through interactive analysis on 13 months of viewership data from 30 Million set top boxes.

Customer Journey Analytics at Adobe

Adobe enabled self-serve interactive access to customer data, ranging from click stream to support data, across all business functions.

The Kyvos BI Advantage

Proven on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments across large enterprises.


Instant response times on queries, regardless of the size of data, complexity and number of concurrent users.


Intuitive and self-serve platform with seamless connectivity to all business intelligence and data science tools.

The Kyvos Advantage


Advanced built-in security and seamless integration with enterprise authentication and authorization frameworks.


Scale in the cloud, Hadoop or Spark without any limitations, regardless of data size or granularity.

Access your Big Data seamlessly through your BI Consumption Layer

Access Big Data seamlessly through your Enterprise BI Consumption Layer

Kyvos creates a BI Consumption Layer directly on your big data platform, enabling analysts and business users to use their existing BI tools for seamless access to big data, with no learning curve or programming required.