BI Acceleration at Petabyte Scale

Semantic layer powered by next-generation OLAP

Cloud and On-Premise

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Business Transformation with Instant Insights

We enable enterprises to make faster and more accurate decisions by analyzing massive volumes of data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Our revolutionary OLAP technology delivers high performance and unlimited scalability for thousands of users across the enterprise.

Supply Chain Planning using 284 Billion Transactions

Walgreens connected data from thousands of suppliers and 9500 stores to get instant visibility into all aspects of their supply chain.

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Viewer Analytics on 168 Billion Set Top Box Records

Verizon improved customer experiences through interactive analysis on 13 months of viewership data from 30 Million set top boxes.

Customer Journey Analytics across 1.2 Billion Web Visitors

Adobe enabled self-serve interactive access to customer data, ranging from click stream to support data, across all business functions.

Transform Your Business with Kyvos

Fastest Insights

Fastest time-to-insight

Explore all your data to uncover hidden insights and discover new possibilities for your business. Our OLAP technology helps you query petabyte-scale data in seconds.

Business Answeres

Answers at your fingertips

Interact with your data to see the complete picture or drill down to the lowest level of detail instantly. Kyvos enables interactive analysis of massive volumes of historical data.

Scale your BI limitlessly

Scale your BI limitlessly

Meet the growing needs of a modern-day enterprise. Our infinitely scalable platform allows thousands of users to query any amount of data without impacting performance.

Interactive Analytics

Bring your BI Tool

Increase productivity by bringing back time to business users and analysts. Kyvos helps your existing BI tools perform insanely fast on data at massive scale.

Eliminate the barriers of traditional BI architecture.
No data movement. Analyze years vs. weeks.
Query in seconds vs. hours.

Access Your Big Data Seamlessly through your BI Consumption Layer

Revolutionary OLAP technology

Any Data Size. Any BI tool. Instant Insights.

Kyvos creates a BI acceleration layer on modern data platforms, enabling analysts and business users to use their existing BI tools for interactive access to petabyte-scale data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.