BI Acceleration Layer

Kyvos builds a BI acceleration layer on your existing data platform that enables instant access to massive data and provides a consistent semantic model for your business users, making it easy for them to consume enterprise data instantly and interactively.

Kyvos Architecture

Semantic Layer Powered by Next-Generation OLAP

Single source of truth

Create a holistic view of all your data. Enable business teams across your enterprise to access the same source of truth with full confidence in its integrity.

Unified Data Model

Define all your metadata in one place. Allow users to view the dimensions and measures that are available to them in their BI tool and drag and drop them into their visualizations in an intuitive way.

Business logic abstraction

Embed your business logic in Kyvos and eliminate the need to define complex logic in multiple tools. Allow users to use any BI tool they like, with no need to switch to a new tool for complex analysis.

Connect anything

Connect any BI tool to your data lake. BI tools can connect to Kyvos using a standard SQL/MDX connection and get instant access to their data lake, whether on the cloud or on-premise.

Seamless migration to the cloud

Easily move your BI and analytics processing from on-premise to cloud deployments with no impact on the business users.

Performance and concurrency

Our advanced OLAP technology delivers high performance, enabling thousands of concurrent users to access extremely large datasets seamlessly using a BI tool of their choice.